(SHORT TIME ONLY) Kanye West - Yeezus & CHVRCHES - Bones of What You Believe

Band / Artist: Kanye West
Year: 2013
Genre: Hip Hop, R&B

My Review:
I guess something had to come of me talking about Kanye the other day. Google Play is offering free downloads of his album "Yeezus" Right now.

I don't need to say much, because the man is in the news every other day, and if you want to hear his work, you'll listen to it. If you don't, then you don't.

The other share is CHVRCHES. Obviously they are in the news less. They are a band not much unlike Cut Copy, or some of the New Wave Revival bands that bring back that 80s synthpop sound. I liked their work quite a bit.

If you are getting this one or that one, then you need to have a google play account, and then you add the item to your cart, then purchase it for no money, then you have to download it from your "google library", which I am sure that you will be continuing to use for many decades in the future (sarcasm).

I hope that you enjoy it, or that you can give it to somebody who does. Good downloading.

Kanye West - Yeezus & CHVRCHES - Bones of What You Believe

Burning of I - Nowhere is a Destination

Band / Artist: Burning of I
Year: 2013
Genre: Prog Metal, Death Metal, Metal

My Review:
I don't know much about them, and i was trying to do some quick searches, but not getting very far. I do know that they are on murder gore records, which you can visit here (http://murdergorerecords.weebly.com/releases.html), but really, they are worth it and you should just enjoy some decent metal.

An album with track names like these makes me think of fear factory, or at least I feel it should have elements of their digital sound. They do not, but that by no means should discount them as a solid Prog-metal band. They have softer, acoustic-electric parts that you would hear in newer Tool albums. Their sound is that of a vibrant, lamb of god style when on the harder parts of songs. There is about a 90/10 split between softer parts and the harder,.. actually, I can't describe this any better. I like it quite a lot. Go download it.... 

Also, to the fat dude sitting next to me on the plane who cannot refrain from wiggling in his seat the whole flight, thanks for irritating me for an hour and a half, dick.

Burning of I - Nowhere is a Destination


Chance the Rapper - Acidrap

Band / Artist: Chance the Rapper
Year: 2013
Genre: Mixtape, Rap, Alternative Hip-Hop, RnB, Chillout

My Review:
You have heard about Kanye a thousand times this year, and then he has been blowing up on tour and all... But was any of his new stuff really good? I'll let you argue about that one on your own time, but I will say this. You sure as hell didn't hear enough about Chancellor.

You may wonder why I mentioned Kanye at the start of this. It wasn't to bait the search engines. I just wanted to say that I loved "808's & Heartbreak", and it was a steady play for me, but I think I just got a replacement.

 Chancellor (or Chance the Rapper) is this dude that has been low on the attention scale, and that makes me sad, because he really is good, and he's a total bro for giving this away for free. Here is his website. http://chanceraps.com/

Enough Crap, you can find out more about the guy on his site, and you should grab this album. Also some guys are selling his album too, but he sees no money from it, and he hasn't been able to do anything about it since his stuff has been released as mixtapes. Fuck those guys.

Chance the Rapper - Acidrap


Volfoniq - Volfoniq Revisited

Band / Artist: Volfoniq
Year: 2012
Genre: Dub, Hyperdub, Reggae

My Review:
Hyperdub, that thing that happens when people fuck with dub, and mix it with things like Trip hop and Techno or any glitchy electronic music.

Volfoniq is a French electro-dub band, coming from Montpellier. Really pretty place, with mountains and trees galore. I'm also completely not surprised that they would be from France, because the french are totally goo-goo for Reggae and all of its versions. They had an official website.. once. Now its a wall of Japanese text.

All tracks on this were mixed versions of tracks from the album "Ernest", which came out not that long before this one. This isn't the longest album, but it is good, and makes for some nice stuff to throw on when you are out on a wander about town, or just kinda chilling out at home.

Volfoniq - Volfoniq Revisited


Moya - Honey Demo

Band / Artist: Moya
Year: 2007
Genre: Ambient, Experimental, Post-Rock, Classical

My Review:
You like Post-rock? Then have some. You like Classical? Then enjoy them both, at once. Here is their album description, which is as succinct as you need.
"Mozart + Mono, Chopin + Clann Zu, Dvorak + Do Make Say Think, Grieg + Godspeed You! Black Emperor = Moya"
Vasil Maronau makes the music, or made it, and released this at about 21 years old. He had a Google+ page with nothing on it other than the cover photo from this album. https://plus.google.com/106084273066833271369/posts
He also has a blank facebook page, and an empty twitter account. Not sure about much more on this album. It was enjoyable, but I don't know why he doesn't keep social if he made all these accounts.

You read Russian? I CAN'T, but if you can, then check out their website. http://www.moyaband.com/

Either way, if you enjoy the sound of a classical and post rock album, then you should enjoy this.

Moya - Honey Demo


INFECT - Chemical Threats (Phase I)

Band / Artist: INFECT
Year: 2007
Genre: Rap Rock, Hip-Hop, Horrorcore

My Review:
So I'm sure most out there remember the late 90's & early 2000's when there was that huge NuMetal and Rap Rock upsurge. Suddenly there was Limp Bizkit and Korn, and then that just seemed to keep growing.

Well that genre set split into two different things over time. On one side, the NuMetal genre became more and more experimented with and adapted, becoming some legitimate types of metal, some kinds of popular math rock, and a lot of other stuff. On the other side, Rap Rock kind of stayed around but dwindled off, with a couple small offshoot experiments, but one thing did rise out and become a cult following. Horrorcore.

Horrorcore is made in the harder, more aggressive end of the rap scene, and is supposed to just be gross and aggressive and unsettling, like good horror. Some of it is okay, but I usually dont much enjoy it.

This album though, I was enjoying. It reminds me of Methods of Mayhem (the first album, that second one really isn't worth listening to), but it needs a little more aggression and percussion sets to reach there. Some of the track topics are pretty good points of discussion, where some others are a bit annoying to me.

Either way, this album is an interesting, aggressive rap album with some nice usage of metal guitar at the beginning. Enjoy

INFECT - Chemical Threats (Phase I)


Weerthof - Out Of Control

Band / Artist: Weerthof
Year: 2013
Genre:IDM, Modern Classical, Folktronic, Glitch

I used to wander around the net and find out of the blue record labels to follow. I just so happened to be checking one of them on prep for my trip to DC, and found this guy from the Netherlands, Michael Van Der Weerthof.. He calls himself a songsmith, which makes sense. His website is here.
He also has an extensive resume on his site, so you know, if you want someone to make music for a videogame on par with katamari damacy, you should totally give him a call.

You will start this album feeling like its going to be very gentle and melodic...  And then it jumps on your table and bounces up and down for a minute, Stops, then calmly sits down, cocks its head to the side, and begins making strange music while starting at you.

It is very glitchy, wiggly music. Which reminds me of plenty of IDM bands I've enjoyed. It is a pretty Pleasant overall experience, barring the spazzy bit right at the outset. Also, you should know that physical copies of this album are available,.. in special usb sticks in the middle of scented bars of soap.


Max Tannone - Ghostfunk

 Band / Artist: Max Tannone
Year: 2011
Genre: Mashup, Funk, Dance, Hip-Hop

My Review:
All Ghostface Killa, all vintage african funk mixes. I shared an album from Max Tannone back last year, if you can remember Mos Dub, which is an all time favorite for me.

This album creates a really creative set of new grooves and rythms for a selection of Ghostface Killa's hit tracks, and the use of african funk tracks is so perfect, making these really chill and fresh sounding hip-hop tracks that kick ass.

If you dig this, and Mos Dub, then don't wait, and shoot back to the start of the blog, and pick up Wugazi - 13 Chambers as well. Wu Tang clan may be nothing to fuck with, but they sure are something to mash.

Max Tannone - Ghostfunk


MMPSUF - Retina

Band / Artist: MMPSUF
Year: 2012
Genre: Downtempo, Ambient, Acoustic

My Review:
Think about waves at moonlight. Think about alleyways in the crisp dark of an autumn night, with steam rising from vents and floating off to die in the atmosphere. Think about the asphalt spilling by beneath the beams of your headlights as you drive off to another minor chapter of your life.

This music can bring you that. It has this sound reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins (on a serious depression streak) or a softer, more droning track from Camille, and maybe even just a little bit lke some kind of experimental project by Dido. Its beautiful, and soft, and sort of sad, in an acceptant way, like the singer knows there isn't anything to do about it, but sing about how she feels.

mmpsuf live (Eglė Sirvydytė): The Rooms from mmpsuf on Vimeo.

This one is only 5 tracks long, but it unfurls itself to you so wonderfully, that I can't help but be happy for the whole thing just as it is.

MMPSUF - Retina


Cosby Sweater - Hey, Girl, Hey

Band / Artist: Cosby Sweater
Year: 2012
Genre: Hip-Hop Beats, Dubstep, Electro, Jazz Rock

My Review:
Did you watch old 90s anime movies, and find yourself enjoying the tackiness of the synths they used for the background music? Do you ever find yourself walking at night and wishing that somewhere off in the distance, there was a guy soulfully playing a saxophone? Did you fall in love with the wobble base noise the second you first heard of this mythical thing called "Dub of the Steppe"?

Well if you didn't answer any of those questions with a yes, then fuck you. Enjoy this band anyways.

Cosby sweater popped up in a random music search about 6 months ago. I was REALLY enjoying them, but somehow they fell off my radar and into my collection of tracks I needed to review one day. I found them again recently, and remembered why they made me so happy. There is so much going on here, that I'll let someone else try to explain it.

Everything about Cosby Sweater is catchy. From their witty moniker and humorous album covers, to the abounding funk they unleash. The burgeoning trio has established a knack for composing spellbinding numbers in the field of live electronica, fusing slick production with head-turning instrumentation on each robust release. This results is something so effervescent, so hair-raising, that even their most docile efforts could turn a dance-floor upside down
So if that doesn't tell you whats up, then I'll say a pinch more. David Embry on synth and vocals, Nicholas Gerlach on Tenor Saxophone and EWI, and Richard “Sleepy” Floyd on drums.

 They remind me a little of Pretty Lights,  but with these parts that remind me of old synthy anime soundtracks, glitchy triphop/dubstep grooves, and then layers of saxphone and warm flourishes over all of it.

If you don't bob your head to this, then you hate freedom.

Cosby Sweater - Hey, Girl, Hey


Ruby The Hatchet - Ouroboros

Band / Artist: Ruby The Hatchet
Year: 2012

My Review:
Rock. Grunge. These are things that seem to have died as far as the radio is concerned, but from my end, I'm never happier than now with the bands I find in the grunge (or would it be neo-Grunge status now?) realm.

Ruby The Hatchet is definitely one of these. There never were enough female-fronted grunge-rock bands. This sounds strongly like Cusses, a great used-to-be-local band out of Savannah Georgia, and the Nymphs, a grungy metal-ish band from back in the 90s that only seemed like they released one album.

I have their facebook here.

The wonder of Ruby The Hatchet seems to be in their band dynamic. They have such a deep, heavy sound, which breaks into a solid jam-out riffs and some wonderful groaning vocals that have been dipped into a steaming cup of badass. They definitely rock you hard and steady through most all track on the album.

There are some longer drawn-out guitar solos, run through some very fuzzy filters, and some crisp, heavy drumming, and lots of vocals that raise the bar on quality, because unlike a lot of indie rock bands, they ring loudly and clearly across the top of the sound.

You like good rock? Then FOLLOW THIS BAND.

Ruby The Hatchet - Ouroboros


Matisyahu - Five7Seven2 Live

Band/Artist: Matisyahu
Year: 2012
Genre: Reggae Fusion, Hip-hop Alternative

My Review:
I used to listen to Matisyahu live sets that were in the live shows archive on internet archive. Because he has a certain style that works really well for studying or working on slow projects. You can just sit back and work and enjoy the soothing jams.

I'm not sure if those recordings are still there, and I guess it  doesn't matter,, since I now have a good one that he released.

Just in case you've never heard the name, Matisyahu is a Jewish Reggae and Alternative Hip-hop artist, who sings about moral struggles, politics, and religion as most of his topics. He has been a pretty well established name since early 2000's, and has been used for music in a ton of tv shows.

This doesn't seem to have any of the superstar tracks that got him his initial attention, but they are all decent tracks, and they make a good playlist.


Halloween - Self Titled

Band / Artist: Halloween
Year: 2012
Genre: Surf Rock, Rockabilly

My Review:
Its Halloween, and last year I did that huge collection of Halloween themed posts. This year, I'm just going to share the band Halloween. They are a 2 man surf rock band that just make some lyric-less jam music.

They are on White Moon Recordings, which says this for itself;
White Moon Recordings is dedicated to finding outsider and homemade music throughout the world and releasing it to people who want to hear new, odd, and genuine sounds.

Hopefully you have a good Halloween, and enjoy some candy and scares.

Halloween - Self Titled


Telepathic Teddy Bear - Telepathic Teddy Bear

Band/ Artist: Telepathic Teddy Bear
Year: 2010
Genre: Bedroom Pop, Electropop

My Review:
This is an album I have had pretty much since it was released, yet always seem to forget to post. The funny part about that is that I listen to the album probably once every other month or more.

If you like Team Sleep, The Postal Service, and the like, then you should look at this one. It has a more prominent presentation than most bedroom pop, with its clear, well broadcast vocals, it still keeps a lot of that softer, more private sound.

The music is all made by a single man, Juan Carlos Padilla, who lives in Mexico. His work as TTB is a pretty fresh and vibrant sound, though he's also working in another project called Reactions.

Here is the band facebook page.

Well as always, I hope that you love it.


Fissunix - Heavy Metal Mashups Vol. 2 “Louder Than Hell Mix”

Band / Artist: Various Artists, Fissunix
Year: 2012
Genre: Metal, Mashup

My Review:
So I'm back again with something to break out of the chill and sad music that I seem to have been picking for the past few weeks. I guess I'm doing a decent job of shaking my blues, but Heavy Metal mashup tracks will definitely help with that.

This is a compilation, or a mixtape, depending on which you want. I like hearing the original tracks separately a lot of the time, so I have my collection. I love that first track. It amuses me to no end, and also, I can totally rock to it while laughing. Heres the tracklist, I'll let you figure out what songs are mashed for each one.

Fissunix & DJ Schmolli – HairBangers
Dan Mei – Last Ride Of The New Shit
Mad Mix Mustang – 2 Minutes To The Middle Of The Night
Loo & Placido – Antisocial Pigs
Bassnectar Remix – Seek and Destroy
Dj Schmolli – Cold As Superbeast Prometheus
Wax Audio – South Of The Grapevine
Loo & Placido – Black Sab System
Wax Audio – Master Of Doin’ It
DJ Morgoth – Ace Of Spades Feels Good
Dj Schmolli – Rock Of Ages
Dan Mei – Rolling In The Fire And Flames
Tinylightsbelow – Psychosocial Baby
Fissunix – Birth of the Cannibal
Dan Mei – Coat Of Arms Of E.T.
Fissunix – Over wasted years
Fissunix – Grid it up
Wax Audio – Chemical Diver
Dj Schmolli – Cold As Superbeast Prometheus

So I will say that I am not a big fan of every track, some of it is pretty take-it-or-leave-it, but I'm still happy getting some fun metal mashups, people don't mash metal songs nearly enough.If you like any specific track, go check out that artist, because I'll bet you can find some more by them that you enjoy.

Fissunix - Heavy Metal Mashups Vol. 2 “Louder Than Hell Mix”


Halloween special - H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

Band / Artist: Various Artists
Year: 2013
Genre: Spoken word

My Review:
Since Halloween is right around the corner, I felt like a little treat was necessary. Enjoy some literary readings of various creepy stories, mostly ones from Lovecraft. I won't bother to say much else, because if you like creepy stories or podcasts, then you know what you are in for.

H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast


Racing Glaciers - EP

Band / Artist: Racing Glaciers
Year: 2012
Genre: Folk Pop, Indie Alternative

My Review:
I love that front cover.

Its 7 tracks long, and it has a lot of emotion, and quite a bit of tambourine. Its really pleasant, with parts of it sound that vaguely remind me of old U2, but not really, and an overall sound that brings me to question whether it is folky indie, indie alternative, alternative pop, folky pop.. I don't quite know.

The band hails from Macclesfield, UK. They are just starting out, which I think impresses me more. Here is their facebook.


So my favorite track might be Little River. What track do you like best?

Racing Glaciers - EP


Líam - MMIX

Band / Artist: Líam
Year: 2012
Genre: Experimental, Ambient, Post-rock, Shoegaze

My Review:
I asked a while back for some friends to do a couple reviews of music that they really enjoyed. I've decided that now might be an interesting time to start going through them. Starting out is a review from a close friend of mine whose a synesthetic. Here is her review.

Tagged as “Experimental, ambient, post-rock, shoegaze” on Bandcamp, MMIX by the German band Líam manages to hit all of those points beautifully. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the album since I had never heard the band before, but I was in a post-rock kind of mood and it made me feel like a junkie getting my fix.  Due to the synesthesia, I’m going to have to describe this music mostly in visuals because that’s the easiest way for me to verbalize it.
MMIX oscillates between hard, guitar-diven rock and softer ambient and experimental sounds. The softer music I would describe as pleochroic, stealing the gemologists’ term for a color change that occurs with a shift of light. It’s a little like focusing a camera; overall, the music looks a certain colour and texture, muted greys, soft greens and blues and the occasional lavender, with the smoky nature that only post-rock seems to do well. However, as I focus my ear on a particular instrument, the focus shifts and music changes from a veiled scene to a brilliant shade of orange or blue, with staccato textures I ignored on the highest level. These colours appear against the mist of the greater view, but at a much higher altitude.

In their more vibrant moments, Líam achieves a coherence of purpose among it’s individual sounds, with slightly varying hues moving together and forming a concrete directional movement. Much like watching a turbid spray of water twisting and advancing in minimal gravity, but lit from within with coloured light. In these moments the background, the outer edge of the music, my peripheral musical vision, is not black as it is in most songs, but a deep red or orange still within the visible spectrum.

When Líam returns from their ignition they tend to do so in a void, with focused execution that allows an individual sound to vibrate and move as a lit wavelength, moving in impossible trajectories but always reshaping to an original form. The beautiful lifts and drops of Líam’s music make it easy to simply close your eyes and listen only, doing nothing but appreciating the soundscapes this band is able to produce.

 Well I think that definitely does this justice. I hope you enjoy, and Thank you Ned for sharing some good post rock.
Líam - MMIX


Deadfile - Applied Oneironautics

Band / Artist: Deadfile
Year: 2012
Genre: Post-Rock, Film Score, Instrumental

My Review:
Hey. Are you a dreamer?

I'm back with another Deadfile album. Another sadcore, softy album, filled with keys, violins,and many an analogue wondermaker. This one catches me more than the first one I posted here, with more clarified compositions and melodies.

If I could say one thing about their music, it'd be that I wish there were more lyrical parts. That is pretty much a minimal issue with this album, as it plays with a striking similarity to certain types of film score, as well as reminding me of some old piano compositions i've heard in the past. The sampling layers in really well for most tracks, and I feel like I'd keep this over the first one I posted.

Give it an hour of your time. It was worth it for me.

Deadfile - Applied Oneironautics


Moby - Multi-pack

Band / Artist: Moby
Genre:Ambient Techno, Techno, Choral, Trance, Acoustic

My Review:

Moby introduces mobygratis.com from Moby on Vimeo.

So Moby is still a cool guy. I've always loved the Play & Play B-sides albums. I've had a really hearty cry to some of the tracks on Everything is Wrong. I've danced quietly to some of the tracks off of his multitudes of albums, and sat solemnly to others.

This is a little more of an artists resource than it is a huge collective. Moby releases these songs to be used for any art piece you are making as an independent artist. The goal is to help indie film people make video with a great soundtrack. Either way, you're looking at music from 2000 onward, all there for you to enjoy, so you should enjoy it.

Thanks Mr. Moby.

MobyGratis - Multi-pack of albums


[Free Singles] Death, BONES, Toks', Mystified

Death - Politician In My Eyes (Demo)

 A very interesting story, and a band that could have changed the face of culture history. Imagine the face of the newly desegregated America, had the growth of the Motown era of R&B been only one part of our culture spearheaded by black artists. Imagine if the rise of punk had been a black culture phenomenon, and what that might have looked like by the time of the 90s.

Anyway, Read about them, and watch the trailer. Consider buying their album, as they waited 30 years just to share it.

BONES - The Dirt #131Toks' - The Dirt #131

A collection of remix tracks that will definitely have at least one dance track for your tastes. Here's the whole track list.

BONES picks:
Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home (TJR Refix)
Skanky - 1 More Night (AMTRAC Dub)
Kanye West - New Slaves (DJ Snake Remix)

Ingwell - Let’s Get It On (Marvin Machine)
Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime (Thomas Jack Remix)

TOKS picks:
Jim James - Know Til Now (Pixelated remix)

Klaves - Without You

Eagles for Hands - Blushed

Dru Hill - How Deep Is Ur Luv (Jaw Jam Bootleg)

Ellie Goulding - Tessellate (Kastle Remix)

Mystified - Love Hiatus

Not a single per se, this is 3 tracks, just short enough that I'd rather share it under a singles post this time. It is a dark ambient, IDM, and Illbient set, which reminds me a lot of some early Aphex Twin. There are elements of breakbeats in it, and some soundtrack feeling in parts.

Mystified has been releasing on Treetrunk Records pretty steadily for quite a few years. This is what this release is described with;

Three songs created mainly for emotional content. No weird sources or strange ideas here, other than that finding love has changed the life and music of Mystified.
Alright well thats it. Hope you enjoyed this set of singles.


New Dehli FM - Daylight confusion

Band / Artist: New Delhi FM
Year: 2005
Genre:Illbient, IDM, Ambient, Chillout

My Review:
A great album of Illbient, a darker, more triphoppy ambient techno. If you put "Music is for children" (from Boards of Canada), and "i care because you do" (from Aphex Twin) in a mix with this, you'd hardly know which was which. I'm really enjoying it, though I feel like it needs more quirk in places to keep it from getting too vanilla.

 New Dehli FM is an artist from Stuttgart in 2001, made by Sandro Böge. He has some really interesting ideas on IDM and what it should represent. Apparently he has some really awesome live sets.

Here is his page

Enjoy the music.

New Dehli FM - Daylight Confusion


Harq al'ada - Heat Ritual

I posted things from Nick Vanderveldt before, and one of his projects' band name was Harq al'ada.

Its a kind of experimental Prog-Rock/ Psych-Rock sound without really a whole lot of lyrics. When I started up this album, I knew almost immediately that it is definitely a maturation of their sound. Nick described the new release like this;

The name itself came from when my wife and I first moved to St. Louis a few years ago. It was September of 2011, it was hot, I wasn't sure where my life was really going, so I would get up in the morning and record on the 3rd floor, before the heat of the day. I called it my heat ritual.

Heat Ritual took about 2 years to record, compared to our first EP which took around 3 months. So there's a bit of overlap between the two. 

In "A Puck", I was very focused on trying to imitate this Miles Davis funk sound, I think Alex and I talked for hours about improvisation, and how the performance was so important, yet "A Puck" could never really be performed. So when we got together for vocal sessions on Heat Ritual in February, we kept a line on the same tangent. The song "Boninosuccinea" is a perfect example, both the main vocal track and the lead guitar were done in a single take. Alex had scribbled some ideas down on a notepad, and just sort of riffed on these lyrical themes. It wasn't for a few weeks that we went back to it, and thought wow, that's pretty good, and Alex did some backing tracks. The song "Useless" was written a little differently, though I feel like it was following the same thread. Alex, Ryan and I wrote that tune somewhat whimsically before a rehearsal for "The Difference Engine", just the real simple riff, which I think started off at first as a rip-off of "Communication Breakdown". As we played it, this form just took shape, and I started to add effects, Ryan started in on this Chemical Brothers kind of percussion part. It all just sort of fit. The real beauty of it to me is how open ended it is, we could play a different version of the same song every night, with different people.

The last half of the EP is a little more prescribed as it were. "Lobster Fist" was a little bridge instrumental I wrote probably 4 or 5 years ago, and just got shelved, and then I heard the demo again when I was doing sessions for Heat Ritual, and thought about how well it fit, this odd little tune, with these odd chords, and this odd meter shift. Prunus on the other hand, began as an experiment in prescribed improvisation. I wrote out the head of the tune, and then left the bridge open for free improvisation. I had initially envisioned this sort of Eric Dolphy w/guitars and synths piece, but instead I just kept filling in counter melodies until it sounded right. Obviously it didn't wind up being anything at all like Eric Dolphy, but that's where I got the idea anyway.

This is totally worth a listen. It reminds me a lot of songs like "tomorrow never knows" from the Beatles and a mix of early and very late Pink Floyd. The vocal progressions and the rhythms are very interesting, and worth a good afternoon with headphones and a nice sunny place to lay back and listen. It's definitely worth checking out.

Harq al'ada - Heat Ritual


Loom - Coffee For The Kids

Band / Artist: Loom
Year: 2009
Genre: IDM, Acid House, Illbient, Glitch

My Review:
This reminds me strongly of Mouse on Mars and Garren Epley, with the quirky beats, "jazzy" mood, and mangled, goofy bouncing rhythms. I've been holding onto it for as long as it has been out, and I still love getting the chance to play it on a roadtrip or while walking around town.

The guy, now playing music as Kinskop, was a part of a group called Various Vegetables Crew, which has a ton of interesting acts on it. His stuff now is evolved into something much different, which i'll likely share in the future. You can check the group out here.


I'll leave this one a little sparse, just sharing what this album was originally released with.

Loom's second album is a childish little bastard.
Just turn on your Fisher Price Cassette-Recorder and let your mind wander to the first time you played with fire. Or when you swiped your little brother's matchbox cars. It's all hidden between the stumbling beats and the squeaky little melodys. And remember: you don't have to like this music, you have to nurture it!
Don't let it cock a snook at you!
 Loom - Coffee For The Kids


Week break.

My grandmother passed away this past week, and I'm far too out of sorts to keep up at the moment. I will resume posts in about a week, possibly shorter.

Thanks for all those who've been sticking with me all this time.


A Problem Like Maria - Bonsai

Band / Artist: A Problem Like Maria
Year: 2013
Genre: Indie pop, RnB, Hip-Hop

My Review: 
I got an email from the other part of the song lwuaxana from the Rabbit Hole Revelations post. I have been watching A Problem Like Maria for a good 6 months now. I dig her stuff, and would love to get a chance to chat with her. Turns out, she was totally willing to make that happen..

Jumbly Music: Hello howdy hey

A Problem Like Maria: Hi what's up?

Jumbly: Not much. I'm just enjoying a chunk of day off for the first time this week. How about you?

APLM: About the same. It's the weekend! there's time for me to recharge and relax, and that's good.

Jumbly: so.. where to start.. Whats the back story? Where are you from, and how did you get into making music.

APLM: I'm from the Philippines. I grew up part of a musical family, so it just made sense to make music. It's always been a creative outlet and a comfort.

Jumbly: Do you ever feel like your history has any influence on your music now?

APLM: Yes, of course. But it's all sort of funneled into this huge vat of ideas, you know? personal history is thrust against historical fiction. what I've been noticing more recently is that it's my perception of social interaction that stands out. my songs are almost always about misunderstandings or wanting to be understood.

Jumbly: I can understand that. (badum tss) Well, do you tour? Or have you any plans to?

APLM: I don't tour. i do play local gigs with a band I'm in called the cellar doors, and rarely, I'll play as just me. performance isn't a big thing for me, but I'm hoping to change that soon. i just don't don't really know which direction to go, you know? i love jumping from one genre to another, it feels like such a heavy commitment to suddenly think of a regular live accompanying outfit for APLM--but the more i think about it the more i want to find out how that will sound.

Jumbly: I can understand that completely. I've been trying to branch my own music out toward something a little new, and considering where I started and where I'm aimed, I'd imagine that it will be a fun experiment...   Who do you have doing your album art?

APLM: Felipe (of new motive power, a great musical act from Brazil) has done three: for the decompose remix LP, for 99 problems and for the new EP, Bonsai. I'm fond of working with visual artists, too, so there are really a lot more names I should be mentioning, but as bonsai is the newest EP, I'll just mention the names involved with that: Aspen Sañez, Wilson Dela Fuente, Tristan Yuvienco, Quincy Gonzales, Dean Africa, David Alegre, and Corpse Corpuz. Each song is represented by one of their works, it's included in the EP download.

Jumbly: Cool. I love visual influences. How would you say is the best way to experience your music?

APLM: Wrap yourself up in a blanket, have a hot/sweet beverage at hand, lean back, put your headphones on and close your eyes. Unless we're talking about my upbeat songs, in which case swaying back and forth might help, haha.

Jumbly: I imagine that on the more dancey tracks that a nice venue like the Publiq House near where I live would be a great space for you. its dark, well lit with colored show lights. They serve good drinks, and make tasty food.

APLM: It would be fun to see how people dance to songs I sing that are dancey, since I'm not a dancer myself... Hahaha now I'm imagining it, how odd! 

Jumbly: I come out of the goth scene. Nobody dances well.

APLM: When I dance, I sort of look like a plate of jello on a table during a mild earthquake.

Jumbly: Hahahahaha! So what are you happiest with as far as distribution of your music? Pay as you will? Free giveaways? Where would you like to take it?

APLM: When I was a lot younger, I got caught up in the idea of being a professional musician... and it really did nothing but stress me out. now I just make music because I want to, because it feels right, because not doing it will have me cranky for weeks on end. I like it that way! Sure, it's nice when someone actually names a price higher than $0 on my bandcamp, but it's not a requirement. 

Jumbly: Do you like collaborating with new artists?

APLM: Yeah! I'm always open to new ideas and collaborations, the only problem is time. Sometimes things don't fall in place. When they do, though, it's beautiful. Some of my favorite songs and releases are the result of collaborations.

Jumbly: If any artists want to collaborate, how should they contact you?

APLM: Soundcloud works. or my site: aplmaria.thehai.org

Jumbly: Do you have any projects on the horizon you're planning for?

APLM: I may be working on a solo effort much like my EP Saudade, soon. and WGWGSA and I are working on Decompose 2, too. Right now I'm actually working on a few collaborations that got sidetracked during the making of Bonsai.

Jumbly: What about music/bands you're into right now?

APLM: I cycle through favorites more than listen to anything new. right now on my playlist are Chvrches, Com Truise, Similarobjects, The Uncluded, run the jewels and a heavy dose of Bjork to round it out. And Dillinger's new album on a different player so they don't shuffle together

Jumbly: Which Bjork? Selmasongs and debut are my tops. I liked Medulla as a third choice.

APLM: Post and Homogenic! and Biophilia actually. I had debut in tape, though. It's probably somewhere in my childhood bedroom still.

Jumbly: Never got the chance to check out Biophilia. to be honest, I've been feeling less interested in music outside of the realm of music I'd promote on Jumbly

APLM: I feel the same. I keep up with my favorites and re-listen to old reliables but for the most part a huge chunk of what i listen to is music my friends make.

Jumbly: Speaking of the blog, do you frequent Jumbly? Got any suggestions or things you'd like to see?

APLM: Regular unique (to your blog) content would be nice. Like come up with a unique rating system or a weekly/monthly/arbitrary reason to make a list of songs or albums... stuff like that. I mean the music is all already there and it's good, but it think if you wanna compete with the other music blogs out there what your blog needs is for your identity and how YOU enjoy/curate your music to shine through.

Jumbly: Hmm.. i do wish i could work more on the blog. Its a matter of lack of time, and keeping myself from burning out on all that new music. My goal is to continue to grow, and i want to find ways to reach out to more things as possible options. Really I'd like to have the chance to make Jumbly stronger and more like itself, if that makes sense.

Alright, so last real question. Whats your favorite guilty pleasure? Mine is watching star trek.

APLM: Are you kidding me? That's not even a guilty pleasure for me. I love star trek. Finishing battlestar galactica now. I guess the only real guilty pleasure i can think of is the occasional well written pop song. the last one to work its way into my ipod is Selena Gomez's "who says." hahaha

Jumbly: Thank you so much for sharing your music. I really like it.


So here's a review. I had originally planned on doing a review of Lagniappe soon, but this one is good just as well. I'm more a fan of her singing tracks than of the hiphop duets. The beats are a little bit jazz, a little bit electro, and a really pleasant ethereal ambient. Altogether its a really wonderful sound, and i often wait for a moment where a symphonic part would rise up in the second half of a track, and she'd get a very diva-ish emotional part in there. Since I know you'll read this, you should totally do that in the future APLM.

She does a lot online, and keeps a tumblr for all those who are into that. Check it out.

I'm still not sure if I like bonsai more or less than the others I've been listening to. My favorites on this album are bypass, lutang, and DEFINITELY storm and the sea. That song is absolutely beautiful. That glitchy drum beat over such a mournful crooning is gorgeous.

Look up A Problem Like Maria, and then look up her friends. They are doing huge things right now, and they deserve the attention.

A Problem Like Maria - Bonsai