Weerthof - Out Of Control

Band / Artist: Weerthof
Year: 2013
Genre:IDM, Modern Classical, Folktronic, Glitch

I used to wander around the net and find out of the blue record labels to follow. I just so happened to be checking one of them on prep for my trip to DC, and found this guy from the Netherlands, Michael Van Der Weerthof.. He calls himself a songsmith, which makes sense. His website is here.
He also has an extensive resume on his site, so you know, if you want someone to make music for a videogame on par with katamari damacy, you should totally give him a call.

You will start this album feeling like its going to be very gentle and melodic...  And then it jumps on your table and bounces up and down for a minute, Stops, then calmly sits down, cocks its head to the side, and begins making strange music while starting at you.

It is very glitchy, wiggly music. Which reminds me of plenty of IDM bands I've enjoyed. It is a pretty Pleasant overall experience, barring the spazzy bit right at the outset. Also, you should know that physical copies of this album are available,.. in special usb sticks in the middle of scented bars of soap.