MMPSUF - Retina

Band / Artist: MMPSUF
Year: 2012
Genre: Downtempo, Ambient, Acoustic

My Review:
Think about waves at moonlight. Think about alleyways in the crisp dark of an autumn night, with steam rising from vents and floating off to die in the atmosphere. Think about the asphalt spilling by beneath the beams of your headlights as you drive off to another minor chapter of your life.

This music can bring you that. It has this sound reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins (on a serious depression streak) or a softer, more droning track from Camille, and maybe even just a little bit lke some kind of experimental project by Dido. Its beautiful, and soft, and sort of sad, in an acceptant way, like the singer knows there isn't anything to do about it, but sing about how she feels.

mmpsuf live (EglÄ— SirvydytÄ—): The Rooms from mmpsuf on Vimeo.

This one is only 5 tracks long, but it unfurls itself to you so wonderfully, that I can't help but be happy for the whole thing just as it is.

MMPSUF - Retina