Matisyahu - Five7Seven2 Live

Band/Artist: Matisyahu
Year: 2012
Genre: Reggae Fusion, Hip-hop Alternative

My Review:
I used to listen to Matisyahu live sets that were in the live shows archive on internet archive. Because he has a certain style that works really well for studying or working on slow projects. You can just sit back and work and enjoy the soothing jams.

I'm not sure if those recordings are still there, and I guess it  doesn't matter,, since I now have a good one that he released.

Just in case you've never heard the name, Matisyahu is a Jewish Reggae and Alternative Hip-hop artist, who sings about moral struggles, politics, and religion as most of his topics. He has been a pretty well established name since early 2000's, and has been used for music in a ton of tv shows.

This doesn't seem to have any of the superstar tracks that got him his initial attention, but they are all decent tracks, and they make a good playlist.