Ruby The Hatchet - Ouroboros

Band / Artist: Ruby The Hatchet
Year: 2012

My Review:
Rock. Grunge. These are things that seem to have died as far as the radio is concerned, but from my end, I'm never happier than now with the bands I find in the grunge (or would it be neo-Grunge status now?) realm.

Ruby The Hatchet is definitely one of these. There never were enough female-fronted grunge-rock bands. This sounds strongly like Cusses, a great used-to-be-local band out of Savannah Georgia, and the Nymphs, a grungy metal-ish band from back in the 90s that only seemed like they released one album.

I have their facebook here.

The wonder of Ruby The Hatchet seems to be in their band dynamic. They have such a deep, heavy sound, which breaks into a solid jam-out riffs and some wonderful groaning vocals that have been dipped into a steaming cup of badass. They definitely rock you hard and steady through most all track on the album.

There are some longer drawn-out guitar solos, run through some very fuzzy filters, and some crisp, heavy drumming, and lots of vocals that raise the bar on quality, because unlike a lot of indie rock bands, they ring loudly and clearly across the top of the sound.

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Ruby The Hatchet - Ouroboros