Aba Made Sound - Nu Afrobeat

Band / Artist: Aba Made Sound
Year: 2012
Genre: Afrobeat, Funk, House

My Review:
Some strong groove, Some great shaking and moving.Its classically afrobeat. That sound that makes you think of the african funk era, just stripped down into something more streamlined and danceable.It sort of becomes this odd funky lounge-dance sound, which can be a great filler for a party at your house.

Since Afrobeat isn't too widespread in america, I'll share a chunk of description from Wikipedia;
Afrobeat is a combination of traditional Nigerian and Ghanaian music, jazz, highlife, funk, and chanted vocals,fused with percussion and vocal styles, popularised in Africa in the 1970s. 
This album is created by a group of musicians out of Turin, Italy. Most notabley is Cyberdread who made all of the sampling work come together. Its a good, lively album of longer pieces with lots of cowbell, hand drums, vocal samples, horns. It mixes lo-fi and hi-fi really smoothly, and gives you something that is just engaging enough to make things have an aire of action, while being relaxing at the same time.

Aba Made Sound - Nu Afrobeat


TickTockMan - Faded Shapes

Band / Artist: TickTockMan
Genre: Future Punk, Alternative Rock, Prog Rock

My Review:
Like Mars Volta? You should take the chance to hear TickTockMan.

I'm not going to say that they are a direct copy. They aren't. They play a softer, more simple, less frantic version of the type of sound that you hear in a Mars Volta album. The singer also sings in a much more "plain" register, without hitting the very-high-pitch that the singer of Mars Volta does. Also, did you know that this subgenre of music is called "Future punk"? What the hell does that mean?

The band is out of Seattle, and has been around since 2009. Their name seems to directly reference a short story ("Repent, Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman") by a science fiction author Harlan Ellison. My favorite tracks on this album are probably "Pull & Fire" and "Cracked", while "Might Explode" is definitely another that really rings out for the album.

I've had music from TickTockMan for a while, catching an old EP from them that i was considering sharing, but didn't really have the time. I'm really enjoying this one. Not so much as a driving album for in the city, but maybe out on a longer highway drive. It works pretty well as music to work to.

TickTockMan - Faded Shapes


(Not Music) David Gallaher & Steve Ellis - The Only Living Boy: Books 1, 2, & 3

This one is a little off topic, but I figured it would be worth a share.

Enjoy the written stories of a boy with a sword in a world with no people, and dinosaurs apparently.

I'm not going to go on much, just say that it is a set of free graphic novels, and I like free. If you like comics, then go grab them up.

David Gallaher & Steve Ellis - The Only Living Boy: Books 1, 2, & 3

If that struck your fancy, then consider these.

Eddie Wright - Tyranny of the Muse

Eric Palicki - Red Angel Dragnet


Microbit Project - White Deaf Cat

Band / Artist: Microbit Project
Year: Recorded 2012, Released 2014
Genre: Ambient Techno, Lo-Fi, IDM

My Review:
A sweet, soft, Lo-Fi album of chiptuney IDM type stuff. it has a lot of synth Theramin sounds. Its very melodic, and leaves you in a peaceful place overall. The label released a long post with the album, so here it is.

Microbit Project is a music project by EugenKha.
One of the most creative melodic music producers among poets, and audio explores that puts Russia high up on the underground map of prettiness!

He debuts a very beautiful release on L0bit, delivering all round electronic sweetness. It's something that you will like when you are into good friendly vibes,  that put 'easy listening' way up to to the forefront.

an album about a pretty 'White Deaf Cat' celebrated with lovable melodies, petite cuteness and friendly vibes. Something so adorable that you might scratch your head how on earth this release could be delivered for free! But that was written in the will of the deaf white cat, that this music would be out there for everyone to enjoy, to be cherished and loved!

And for sure this release is all about love! every note you hear, perfectly captured in this ultra friendly sound. These cute music lines that makes you feel like stroking the soft fur of a white deaf cat. It's of grotesque beauty and yet so microscopic small that it will fit in your smallest pocket.

The release comes with two remixes for everyone who just can't get enough of this album! And L0bit assures you, you can't get enough of this album!
Alright, well, go enjoy.

Microbit Project - White Deaf Cat


Harvey Danger - Little By Little

Band / Artist: Harvey Danger
Year: 2007
Genre: Alternative

My Review:
I listened the hell out of Harvey Danger when I was about 16 and onward. Where have all the merry makers gone was an amazing album, that was as moving and thought provoking as it was driven. I love the way that this band has played out their lyrics. I strongly encourage you to listen to them if you never have.

Anyway, Harvey Danger released 2 albums and played on a fair number of soundtracks before they reached this album. by the end of their time recording it, they agreed to try something different with their last fruit of their labor, and then broke up as a band. This was the message that they sent out from their website.
We are offering the entirety of our third album, Little by Little..., as a free download (if you're curious why we're doing this, you can read our reasons here).

We have included a mini-website that contains album artwork, liner notes, etc. along with the music. The entire thing is zipped up into a single file for easier downloading. After you get the file, just unzip the file and you should find everything you need.

If you like what you hear and you want to support us, consider making a small contribution.
Mostly, nobody knew about this album, so i stumbled across it by chance, and have been playing it here and there ever since. Its a very worthwhile album to give a try, and I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't at least enjoy it a little bit. Here's a sample song from it, and a personal favorite

Alright, happy downloading.

Harvey Danger - Little By Little (MP3)

Harvey Danger - Little By Little (OGG)


Okay, Jumbly Music is back online. Sorry about the delay.

We have some new things coming in, and a full schedule that should be taking us all the way to Valentines without slowing down. I'm excited for it. Hopefully we can share some new special things as well.

Alright well, I'm gonna have a post go up today, and then we will start the regular rotation from today. If you have anything special to request, go for it. I'd love to see what comes back.


Majorka - Self Titled

Band / Artist: Majorka
Year: 2014
Genre: Lo-fi, Indie, Post-Rock, Dark Psychedelic

My Review:
I stumbled across this album while lurking on forums, and listened through it for hours. Majorka is Chris Petry “Petry”on Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals, and some Mastering, and Blake Hill “Vulgaris” Vulgaris on Drums and Mastering. I didn't know they were in Beaufort SC, but I'm sad that I never met them while I was in Savannah.

So this is how they describe themselves. 
Majorka is a dark psychedelic band from Beaufort, South Carolina, made up with atmospheric tones and deep lyrics.

I have been loving this album, it was humble and melodic. If I'm gonna try to describe it, I'd say it is reminiscent of the softer parts of the latest 2 Tool albums, as well as a bit of the acoustic, folk sound that I've shared in things like Connor Bird's album, Where Winter Hides. Its a creative mix, and I wholly support you supporting them if you like this, by going to their website a chipping them a buck or two, or buying the physical signed cd.

You can see their website here.

Alright, well I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

Majorka - Self-Titled


Sufjan Stevens - Enjoy your rabbit

Band / Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Year: 2001
Genre: Experimental, Orchestral, Glitch

My Review:

This is before the Sufjan (Soof-Yahn?) that people know a lot about. This was an orchestral sounding album, made of digital glitches and bleeps along with a myriad of other sounds.

I had heard his Michigan & Illinois albums, which I liked, but when I heard this, I was at awe. Was this really the same guy? Why make something so different? What was it about?

The whole concept is the chinese zodiac, and each animal has its own year, with a little play on the outer fringes to make it a little more his own.

I apologize about not really posting very regularly at the moment. I'm plotting out the way to make sure that i fix that for a long time coming, because I have a ton of gifts that I want to make for you. Thanks for sticking around, and please go right ahead and suggest other artists that you find and think would be a cool share.


Sufjan Stevens - Enjoy Your Rabbit


Mike Doughty - The Furthermost of Mike Doughty

Band / Artist: Mike Doughty
Year: 2014
Genre: Alternative, Alternative Pop, Acoustic

My Review:
Okay, So I was a HUGE Soul Coughing fan when I was 17 and onward to my 20s. I have never had a point in my life where I was fortunate enough to see them, and I guess now after hearing how horrible it was for the members, I'm sort of melancholy that a band with that much talent had to be so toxic.

Either way, Mike Doughty survived, and now he's out in the world, making music and finding happiness, which is great for him, since everyone needs a little from time to time.

If you've never heard anything from these musicians before, then this is the perfect starter for you, and I think you should get it now.

Mike Doughty - The Furthermost of Mike Doughty


Waves - The Sounds Around Him

Band / Artist: Waves
Year: 2013
Genre: Ambient, Synth Pop, Ambient Techno, Soundscape

My Review:
I got an email during some dead time that I had been thinking about the perfect time to share.

You posted some of my music before and I really appreciated it!  I have recently posted a new album.  Take a look if you are interested.

Seems like this is a pretty great time. Waves was one of the first artists to send me anything for Jumbly, and has my full support as an artist. I enjoy the ambient, soundscape qualities of the first album, and the new one does not disappoint either. It shows his growth.

The best descriptions I could give, is that this has a droning, looping, warped quality that incorporates out of the ordinary sampling in order to make something that builds on the beats and melodies. I'm looking out to see what other music will be coming along from Waves, because it sure does feel right to have on a calm morning like today.

Waves - The Sounds Around Him