Majorka - Self Titled

Band / Artist: Majorka
Year: 2014
Genre: Lo-fi, Indie, Post-Rock, Dark Psychedelic

My Review:
I stumbled across this album while lurking on forums, and listened through it for hours. Majorka is Chris Petry “Petry”on Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals, and some Mastering, and Blake Hill “Vulgaris” Vulgaris on Drums and Mastering. I didn't know they were in Beaufort SC, but I'm sad that I never met them while I was in Savannah.

So this is how they describe themselves. 
Majorka is a dark psychedelic band from Beaufort, South Carolina, made up with atmospheric tones and deep lyrics.

I have been loving this album, it was humble and melodic. If I'm gonna try to describe it, I'd say it is reminiscent of the softer parts of the latest 2 Tool albums, as well as a bit of the acoustic, folk sound that I've shared in things like Connor Bird's album, Where Winter Hides. Its a creative mix, and I wholly support you supporting them if you like this, by going to their website a chipping them a buck or two, or buying the physical signed cd.

You can see their website here.

Alright, well I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

Majorka - Self-Titled


Sufjan Stevens - Enjoy your rabbit

Band / Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Year: 2001
Genre: Experimental, Orchestral, Glitch

My Review:

This is before the Sufjan (Soof-Yahn?) that people know a lot about. This was an orchestral sounding album, made of digital glitches and bleeps along with a myriad of other sounds.

I had heard his Michigan & Illinois albums, which I liked, but when I heard this, I was at awe. Was this really the same guy? Why make something so different? What was it about?

The whole concept is the chinese zodiac, and each animal has its own year, with a little play on the outer fringes to make it a little more his own.

I apologize about not really posting very regularly at the moment. I'm plotting out the way to make sure that i fix that for a long time coming, because I have a ton of gifts that I want to make for you. Thanks for sticking around, and please go right ahead and suggest other artists that you find and think would be a cool share.


Sufjan Stevens - Enjoy Your Rabbit


Mike Doughty - The Furthermost of Mike Doughty

Band / Artist: Mike Doughty
Year: 2014
Genre: Alternative, Alternative Pop, Acoustic

My Review:
Okay, So I was a HUGE Soul Coughing fan when I was 17 and onward to my 20s. I have never had a point in my life where I was fortunate enough to see them, and I guess now after hearing how horrible it was for the members, I'm sort of melancholy that a band with that much talent had to be so toxic.

Either way, Mike Doughty survived, and now he's out in the world, making music and finding happiness, which is great for him, since everyone needs a little from time to time.

If you've never heard anything from these musicians before, then this is the perfect starter for you, and I think you should get it now.

Mike Doughty - The Furthermost of Mike Doughty


Waves - The Sounds Around Him

Band / Artist: Waves
Year: 2013
Genre: Ambient, Synth Pop, Ambient Techno, Soundscape

My Review:
I got an email during some dead time that I had been thinking about the perfect time to share.

You posted some of my music before and I really appreciated it!  I have recently posted a new album.  Take a look if you are interested.

Seems like this is a pretty great time. Waves was one of the first artists to send me anything for Jumbly, and has my full support as an artist. I enjoy the ambient, soundscape qualities of the first album, and the new one does not disappoint either. It shows his growth.

The best descriptions I could give, is that this has a droning, looping, warped quality that incorporates out of the ordinary sampling in order to make something that builds on the beats and melodies. I'm looking out to see what other music will be coming along from Waves, because it sure does feel right to have on a calm morning like today.

Waves - The Sounds Around Him


KidSyc - Willy Lynch Noah's Ark

Band / Artist: KidSyc
Year: 2013
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

My Review:
I have a buddy I went to college with, who has been running around the Savannah music scene since 2005. He makes some pretty kickass hiphop, and I have been meaning to get with him and share his stuff for a while now. Ever since I moved from Savannah, he has been cranking the hell out of music.

Check out the hiphop. Its smooth, vibrant stuff, that doesn't focus on being some kind of constant badass or some sort of kingpin of crime. He has more chill lyrics, that often feel a little more grounded and pleasant to me.

Alright, check him out.

KidSyc - Willy Lynch Noah's Ark


Quickie Mart - Gypsyphonic Disko with Ben Ellman

Band / Artist: Quickie Mart
Year: 2009
Genre: Balkan, Bounce, Hip-Hop, Mashup, Bastard Pop

 My Review:
I've been listening to stuff from quickie mart for a while now, and some other monikers of his. I first caught him in an interview where he was dissecting bounce, its influences, and its role in the future of music, for good or for ill.

He seems like a smart guy, and its interesting that his music of choice be bounce, which I can completely understand, because of what bounce is and represents. It's gritty, shitty, and it doesn't really care. Anyways, here's a comp album of mixtapes I guess, of some hip-hop, some bounce, some rap, and Balkan beats & gypsy music. It's dancey, raunchy, and just fun all the way through.

My mom even danced to it (not like that, sicko.) While we were cooking for thanksgiving meal.

So yeah, take that.

Quickie Mart - Gypsyphonic Disko with Ben Ellman


_yi. - OTNJ_B

Band / Artist: _yi
Genre: Microhouse, Glitch

 My Review:
This stuff is always so interesting to listen to. Its in the same vein as Akufen or  , with wildly glitchy beats bouncing all over the place. This one is great, because it builds itself up to wonderous grooves and melodies, made from chipped-apart songs all over the net.

i make music and sound for media, but mostly, for fun.
"A blend of JPOP, electro house, jazz, clicks 'n' cuts and others."
glitch pop / electro house / acid jazz
Yiannis Ioannides is the musician that makes it all. It sure is wonderful. He has his own site too, here.
electronic acid jazz cut up electro house glitch pop house jazz fusion jpop sampling

_yi. - OTNJ_B


Lindsay Fuller - Live @ Hearya

Band / Artist: Lindsay Fuller
Year: 2012
Genre: Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter

My Review:

A good album of some sort of live acoustical female music. Its good, heartfelt, and worth a listen.
She has been doing music around quietly, and is originally from Alabama. Here is her website.

I won't keep up with the hoopla, you should just check it out. Because its nice. Scroll halfway down the page and save the tracks.

Lindsay Fuller - Live @ Hearya


La Masheillaise 2, La Revolu'son Francaise

Band / Artist: Various Artists
Year: 2013
Genre: Bastard Pop, Mashup

My Review:
STRAIGHT OUTTA RIO! FR-wait what? French Mashups? Well okay, lets give it a shot.. and its GOOOD!! I got this through the Bootie Rio collective, which is what left me confused as to why there was a French mashup compilation on there, but who cares if the music is good right?

Okay so I'll admit that I do find a couple tracks to be a little meh, but its a good set of songs that I have admittedly never heard, mashed against songs I've heard for ages, and it comes out as a fresh mashup album, something that can get hard to find every once in awhile.

La Masheillaise 2, La Revolu'son Francaise


Big Spider's Back - Ssoft EP

Band / Artist: Big Spider's Back

Year: 2014
Genre: Indie Electronic, House

My Review:
I have an earlier album of theirs, and I loove it. Great rolling rhythms and melodies layered with some obscure stories in the lyrics. Here is the press release.

 HH019 :: Big Spider's Back - Ssoft EP // name-your-price download here.
Also available on digital stores, ie: iTunes, Amazon, Boomkat, Juno, Bleep, Beatport.

~ "Ssoft" premiere on Pitchfork ~ "Charm School" download via XLR8R ~

Combining classic house and techno rhythms with playful, synth-based melodies and the dense, psychedelic atmospherics reminiscent of previous Big Spider’s Back releases, Ssoft is the Durham, NC-based artist’s strongest statement yet. The EP’s production was initially inspired by Roland’s quintessential line of 707, 808 and 909 drum machines, yielding a classic electronic sound combined with contemporary influences, ranging from Kompakt’s soft-focus ambience, to the skittering electronics of artists such as Luke Abbott and Four Tet.

So go check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Big Spider's Back - Ssoft EP