[Free Singles] Death, BONES, Toks', Mystified

Death - Politician In My Eyes (Demo)

 A very interesting story, and a band that could have changed the face of culture history. Imagine the face of the newly desegregated America, had the growth of the Motown era of R&B been only one part of our culture spearheaded by black artists. Imagine if the rise of punk had been a black culture phenomenon, and what that might have looked like by the time of the 90s.

Anyway, Read about them, and watch the trailer. Consider buying their album, as they waited 30 years just to share it.

BONES - The Dirt #131Toks' - The Dirt #131

A collection of remix tracks that will definitely have at least one dance track for your tastes. Here's the whole track list.

BONES picks:
Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home (TJR Refix)
Skanky - 1 More Night (AMTRAC Dub)
Kanye West - New Slaves (DJ Snake Remix)

Ingwell - Let’s Get It On (Marvin Machine)
Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime (Thomas Jack Remix)

TOKS picks:
Jim James - Know Til Now (Pixelated remix)

Klaves - Without You

Eagles for Hands - Blushed

Dru Hill - How Deep Is Ur Luv (Jaw Jam Bootleg)

Ellie Goulding - Tessellate (Kastle Remix)

Mystified - Love Hiatus

Not a single per se, this is 3 tracks, just short enough that I'd rather share it under a singles post this time. It is a dark ambient, IDM, and Illbient set, which reminds me a lot of some early Aphex Twin. There are elements of breakbeats in it, and some soundtrack feeling in parts.

Mystified has been releasing on Treetrunk Records pretty steadily for quite a few years. This is what this release is described with;

Three songs created mainly for emotional content. No weird sources or strange ideas here, other than that finding love has changed the life and music of Mystified.
Alright well thats it. Hope you enjoyed this set of singles.