Volfoniq - Volfoniq Revisited

Band / Artist: Volfoniq
Year: 2012
Genre: Dub, Hyperdub, Reggae

My Review:
Hyperdub, that thing that happens when people fuck with dub, and mix it with things like Trip hop and Techno or any glitchy electronic music.

Volfoniq is a French electro-dub band, coming from Montpellier. Really pretty place, with mountains and trees galore. I'm also completely not surprised that they would be from France, because the french are totally goo-goo for Reggae and all of its versions. They had an official website.. once. Now its a wall of Japanese text.

All tracks on this were mixed versions of tracks from the album "Ernest", which came out not that long before this one. This isn't the longest album, but it is good, and makes for some nice stuff to throw on when you are out on a wander about town, or just kinda chilling out at home.

Volfoniq - Volfoniq Revisited