Free Singles - Golden Gardens, Judda Vs Pig, Degeneración Debraye, Brutally Honest, Sockweb

Golden Gardens - Only the Lonely

My Review:
Dreampop, Shoegaze,.. Dreamgaze?

A long while ago, I made friends with a guy named Gregg in Tampa. He was friends with Dan, the one who I talked about in the On An Ocean Amp post. Gregg and I hung out whenever I was in town, and even had a few jam sessions. For a while we were working on some kind of harsh noise, ambient, and power electronic, and that kinda got left on the side while I was in college. He's since moved to Seattle, and started the Golden Gardens project, which I'm loving. Its soft, dreamy, droney stuff with just enough new wave and just enough gothy sensibility to make it great. Quoting the writeup on the track..     We Are Golden Gardens and We Love You. xx.

Judda - Bark & Omen (Pig Remixes)

These came from some old version of "The Swining", the blog run by Pig, or Raymond Watts. Its Industrial Rock.

I never listened to a whole lot of the Pig albums repeatedly, but mostly because I really loved "Wrecked" so much that it kinda covered for the rest. I caught these one day while working through a backlog of bloggy things, and thought that they would be perfect, since I don't often find a lot of free industrial to share. 

Degeneración Debraye - Body & Simphony (single mix)

This was a teaser release for the upcoming debut on the Engraved Ritual record label. Their facebook page is here.


Its mostly Aggrotech for the first half, then turns EBM with this entertaining baroque sounding synth playing. I chuckled the second it started up. Good track though

Brutally Honest - Deck of 54

A short, swift, jazzy hiphop track, the the creepiest fucking picture i could have imagined. Seriously. that thing makes me kind of uncomfortable, and it makes the song seem like it should be super dark, but it isnt at all.

Sadly, my intended share of Sockweb was paywalled before I could share it, but I'll link to it, because a six year old in a grindcore band is hilarious and awesome. Sockweb -  I want pancakes


Advent Chamber Orchestra - Selections from the November 2006 Concert

Band / Artist: Advent Chamber Orchestra
Year: 2006
Genre: Chamber music, Classical

My Review:
A mostly String based orchestra, playing a series of very expertly done classical compositions. Chamber music is kind of like the pop of the classical world, in that it tends to be this squeaky clean performance, less about the emotive part as it is  about the technical skill and clarity of performance.

Here's the writeup about the band that I found.
The Advent Chamber Orchestra is a conductorless orchestra, based in Bolingbrook, Illinois and usually performing in the Chicago metropolitan area. This non-profit orchestra is composed of five violins, two violas, two cellos, a bass, and an harpsichord. The group specializes in Baroque period classical music.
The Advent Chamber Orchestra began in 2003 when Roxana Pavel Goldstein and Elias Goldstein, who had met studying and performing at DePaul’s School of Music, worked together in chamber music ensembles. The orchestra functioned primarily as a chamber music collaborative until 2005 when they performed their first concert as the Advent Chamber Orchestra. The ensemble is generally led by concertmaster and music director Roxana Pavel Goldstein, but artistic decisions are made democratically by the group.

I normally prefer my classical like a film score; visceral, ebbing and flowing, and creating a story more than anything. This is more of the sort you'd want to hear amidst a conversation or a nice read and relax time.

Advent Chamber Orchestra - Selections from the November 2006 Concert


Special post; "Dreamcatcher - Poolsides" & "෴ - Lichen EP"

Band / Artist: Dreamcatcher
Year: 2012
Genre: IDM, Chillstep, Chillout

My Review:
This was a pleasant surprise, and something a little out of the ordinary. I got an email around crimmastime from a musician asking for a little more than the average share. Namely this line stood out from his message.
"It would mean a lot to me if you could make a review of it so I would get some information about what I should do better next time."
He asked for it. So here is his soundcloud page.


And here's the link to Lichen, where I'll be reviewing Poolsides more than anything.


Jumbly Music: the Lichen EP, is that something you're very involved in? Also, how the fuck are you supposed to pronounce that symbol? Mustache? Squiggle? Fuzzy Caterpillar?

Simon Aleksič: So yeah, with the Lichen EP, me and my friend both made three songs each so in the first place, there were six tracks on it, but one of my songs had to be removed because of a sample issue. So actually, the second and the fourth tracks are mine from that thing. We don't really make music together any more because my friend is now more into metro-ko or whatever that new thing is and that's not my thing. It is pronounced Lichen.

Jumbly: Metro-ko... I have absolutely no idea what that is. Sounds like google time for me. How long have you been making music for?
Simon: I've been making music for two years.
Jumbly: How did you get into it? Did you start out in a different genre?

I started just to try out something new but it grew on me. I was practicing breakdance when I was younger (though I didn't stop dancing, I just don't have as much time) and that was the thing that helped me express my feelings. Since I am making music, this is how I express my emotions.

Can you play any other instruments?

Simon: I am self-learning guitar playing at the moment and I can play piano (my mother taught me when I was younger) but I'm very clumsy at it, I can read notes and all but it takes a long time for me to figure out which key I have to press, I never actually felt interested into physical instruments although this sounds weird.

Not too weird to me, when its in the right setting. What way would you like your music to be enjoyed?

Simon: I would really like my music to be enjoyed as background music or as music for relaxation, to take it easy, to listen to it on a sunny day with no worries.

How would you describe your music in your own words?

Simon: 2 oz. Downtempo,2 oz. Tropical beats, 1 oz. Keys, A slice of phased and pitch shifted vocals,
On the glitches, shaken, served in a highball glass.

Jumbly: Lol. What kind of software and hardware are you using?

Simon: I'm using Ableton and numerous VSTs but mostly the Tyrell N6 and the dBlue Glitch.

Jumbly: Would you like to make songs meant to fit into albums, or would you rather have songs meant to be released separately (like how soundcloud kind of is.)?

Simon: I'd rather have my songs fit into albums because when I decide I will start working for something new, I usually create a picture of what I would like to show with my music first. With my first EP, I imagined that it should represent the feelings of summer (I am a total summer guy, I don't like winters) and it's the same with the new thing I'm working on. I want to make it sound as if someone would take the sounds of the African savanna, Brazilian cities and add sounds of reverb-full strings, making it a bit more ambiental. So expect a lot of different sounds mixed together into a new thing that sounds connected even though at first it might not sound like it could be.

Jumbly: What kinds of music most inspire you?

Simon: Ambiental, downtempo and the oldschool breakbeat (not the new 4000 bpm hardcore) music but from time to time, even a rock track can inspire me to try out a new thing and see how it goes.

Jumbly: Have you perused the blog much? Any favorite posts? Any suggestions for it?

Simon: Yes, I have been on your blog a few times and it seems very nice to me. I like the structure of your reviews and I really like that you even make interviews. Just keep doing what you do.

Jumbly: any other bands or blogs you'd suggest?

Simon: An artist I would suggest is Subdaio (http://subdaio.bandcamp.com/). He really can create a nice atmosphere and he has a bit more sounds on his soundcloud. I sadly don't know any other good independent music blogs ...

Jumbly: I'm gonna have to check them out soon.

So, last thing.. do you want a serious critique? Would you like it public or private? I went to art school and spent a year doing sound design, so I can give a pretty emotionally detached teardown of the whole thing if you'd like. I just wasn't sure if you wanted a real review of its strengths and weaknesses, or just wanted me to do a post of your work and were being polite.

Simon: I want a serious critique because only that will help me get better. If you wish, you can make it public, I wouldn't have any problems with that.

Alright, Now onto the review. It is not short.

I'll preface this by saying that this sounds harsh in some ways, but the album isn't bad. I'm personally keeping it, although I'm really looking forward to hearing the next one that comes out.


My biggest problem here is that I was trying so hard to take the contexts of what you were saying about your sound and how you'd like it to be experienced, that I almost ruined it for myself. Seeing as the music is all digital, I was really trying to dissect it and get at exactly where it stands in the world of electronic music, and some of the best places for it to go. I'll just break it down very briefly and then go from there.

Rain - your use of pads and overarching emotional notes are pretty grand, though it does feel a little weird that this song clocks in at over 8 minutes when the rest of the album cant even hit half that length. It played for long enough that it made the rest of the album seem like it skipped by afterward, and dragged too long out of the gate, which is usually best reserved for those sorts of tracks that really grab ahold of your attention. I like the drums looping overall, but they need to be lightened and strengthened in places as opposed to just being the same straight through.

Pleiades Pattern
- the voice samples are a good idea, but I feel like you fumbled it this time. They take away from the lighter tone of the song in some ways, and the drums are either on, or off, which seems a little bit of a shame, because if you were to play with some modulation switches you'd be able to vary its sound and softness a little more throughout the track instead of feeling caustic against the other sounds.

Highway - works as a good intermission. Good use of the drums and all in this track, just a simple 2 beat works well, and the vocal bits fit really nicely along this one. If this were a longer album, it would fit in place better.

A Novel for Printers in 5/8 - this might have been the perfect track to swap with rain as far as placement on the album. That set of keys starting at 45 seconds is a nice set. I cant tell if the minimalism with the beat was meant to be so repetitive. It feels like an accident that you made work out in your favor by layering for a while, but it still starts to get a little grating with some layers toward the 2:20s area, and i didn't really know what to think of the vocal sample used, it worked alright.
Easyboard - the Microhouse sound you have going on here, could do you favors as a nice additive layer or percussion replacement in the future. It works a lot better in some ways than the drum tracks for most of the rest of this album. This and the track after it are the strongest on the album to me.
Pleiades Pattern Reprise - good usage of the slow fade-in and the reverb usage on the beginning drums. The vocal sample here is the strongest in the album.It still leaves something to be missed, but I think that a chillout second half to this, and a softer fade-in on track one would make it balance on the replay.
Now, as a whole I'd say this is a fairly promising freshman album. It has its flaws, but none bad enough that it stopped the album from being enjoyable. The biggest thing is needing a more fluid album next time through. Try not to have any songs more than twice the length of all other tracks on the album, even if that just means making a longer wind down on the end, or unless that song needs to be that way for the sake of what you're making. Another thing I would say is that if you want a good mid-ground between the headspace albums and the soft background albums, use processed samples like field recordings, droney bits, recordings of you and your friends just humming tunes, birds chirping.. whatever you can find or record and hammer to pieces until you love it. Then it's yours, and you're sharing a piece of you and your life in your art.

Some styles you should look to for some possible inspiration would be:
Microhouse or Deep techno, for its lightness and super compressed and quirky percussives.

Minimal trance, its really pleasant for the stripped down sound, similar to what you seem like you're approaching in your work here.

Dub techno, same thing, but more tied to the reverb and echo effects. More of this for some tracks maybe? Good for building out as a soundscape.

Hyperdub, 2-step, UK garage, It can be a good way to approach some of the more simple 2 or 3 hit beat sets you were playing around with. Burial is a good one to listen to some. But you really could go all the way back to the initial “Dub House” era for ideas of where to consider going.

Glitch and IDM, because sometimes nothing is more relaxing than a light layer of weird with your track layouts. You can experiment in all kinds of ways, and really make some interesting things happen.
Krautrock & Spacerock, you want to keep the percussion louder, but make something magical? Just remember “tomorrow never knows” by the beatles, and all the rest of this genre. Why not just sample the shit out of some rock and acoustic songs and chop it up to make a rhythm that you can love, just layer things so your electronic pieces compliment the percussion, and you're set for something really promising. Just imagine what you could do with some Dreampop or Shoegaze tracks.
Abstract hiphop, You want relaxing backgrounds that are lively or have flavor? This shit is the way to go when you want a little funk to rise up on your album. Dj food, Bonobo, it just has the perfect swank, like a film score for your hot stoned sex life.

Ambient Techno & Ambient House, You can make this stuff go for SO LONG and it can just WORK. If i were on a beach and drinking a beer and relaxing, I'd listen to a lot of this stuff. Also it lends itself toward the last one..

Ambient psy (Psytrance on valium), Now personally, if you were gonna take one piece of my advice over all else, I would tell you to really immerse yourself in this stuff, in getting how it works, and making your own play on some of it just to see where it could take you. This style of music floats up out of the Psytrance and Goa movement every once in a while, and it makes for some of the most comfortable and groovy tracks to me. An important thing that it has going for it, is that psytrance is so much about the builds and releases, only so they can rebuild again, which would be a great strength to build up on your return album.
Its pretty much a lost era of the music world too, so you can make it your own thing fairly easily. 

I hope that helps you out, but in case, Anyone listening to this, please feel free to post a review in the comments.


50 Foot Wave - Superpack

Band / Artist: 50 Foot Wave
Year:2004, 2005, 2009, 2012
Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk

My Review:
They're Punk, they're Alt Rock, they're rough and tumble. With a female singer that defenitely rocks the mic, and a great backup behind her. They remind me of early smashing pumpkins, the nymphs, and a little bit of the casualties.

Apparently their name is a reference to both an illustration and the term for the 50-foot sound wave of the lowest F tone audible to the human ear. The singer is named Kristin Hersh, who played in Throwing Muses for 20+ years, along with the bassist, Bernard Georges. They picked up the drummer Rob Ahlers in 2003, and started working out a tour while making their first album.

By 2005, they released an LP, and kept on touring and releasing more. In 2009, they released all of their music for free, and THEY OPENLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO BURN COPIES. They want people all over the world to take copies of their music.

I've enjoyed one of their albums, Free Music!, since about 2007. Good music for the gym.

This band is giving away 6 albums. All in ONE download. I'd be lying if I said that wasn't an unbelievable number. They also have a section on Internet Archive dedicated to recordings of all of their live shows. Here's that link.


So I hope you dig the music. Feel free to give a copy to friends.

50 Foot Wave - 50FootWave, Free Music!, Golden Ocean, Power + Light, With Love From The Men's Room, Singles, and Instrumentals.


Marcus Doo & the Secret Family - Memorials

Band / Artist: Marcus Doo & the Secret Family
Year: 2012
Genre: Alternative, Indie Folk

My Review:
My friend from high school is involved in this band, somehow. Her name is Rocio. She's pretty. Anyway, I wasn't sure what the quality would be for this, but I ended up enjoying it quite a bit.

They are an acoustic-ish multinational band coming out of Madrid, Spain. I could easily see them playing live on an eclectic radio station in California. Its a shame that Morning Becomes Eclectic stopped broadcasting a while ago. Maybe I should make Jumbly into its own version of that.

Marcus Doo & the Secret Family – Memorials

(New Video) City Reign - Making Plans

I just got an email from the guys in City Reign, who shared their older album and single here. They just wanted to share their new music video for their song, "Making Plans". The song is here.


And here is their facebook

Hope to hear more of their stuff soon.


Online DJ Party tomorrow. The Anonymous DJ

January 16 from 10am est - 11pm EST.

He has always been a fun thing to catch on a random weekend for a few hours, the guy chilling in his apartment, DJing in his underwear/a cape/normal clothes/naked. He'll mix just about any dance music, will generally take requests, talks shit on the chat line while he spins, and will occasionally tell a crazy story on the mic.


Every once in a while he does an "endurance run", a nonstop extended spin session. This time around its because he got more than 1000 likes on his facebook page. Apparently, he wants to touch on the matter.
Do you guys even understand how much music I'll be mixing in less than 24 hours? No stops. No pre-recorded mixes. 13 goddamn motherfucking hours of this guy going from one song to the other. Deep. Tech. Electro. Trap. Moombah. Dubstep. Drum and Bass. Rock. Indie. Everything. I'm going to blow your fucking minds away.
So yeah. Thats gonna be happening at the time listed, and if you're already on the net, why not enjoy a REALLY long DJ mix happening live?

See you here at 10am to 11pm EST.



this is a test post. sorry if it got you here without a payoff.

I'm trying to set up some new features, like a google+ and a facebook page. Just trying to make sure everything works properly. Here's something random to make up for it.



Icky Sticky - Fractals

Band / Artist: Icky Sticky
Year: 2012
Genre: Jungle, Drum & Bass, Electro, Dubtronics

My Review:
An album of somewhat atypical jungle coming from a gentleman in the UK. Here's his myspace page.


He is a crew member of the Amen-tal label. They specialize in Breakcore, Drum & Bass, and other types of fast electronica. Here's their site to explore if you'd like.


I wish there was a little more to say about the guy, but I couldn't find much else. So here's what I have to say about the album itself. It reminds me of Luke Vibert (especially as Plug), or Source Direct. There could have been a little more to it here or there, but I ended up listening to it a few times in a row because of its sound. There are ethereal, dubby, jazzy, and sometimes droney soundscapes layered into jungle beats of varying complexity and depth, sometimes bending into Amen Breaks and Breakcore flares. The tracks can be pretty long, and sometimes offer very slowly changing sounds, which can leave you wanting, depending on how your tastes for techno are.

Hope you enjoy it.

Icky Sticky - Fractals

Ari Hest - The Fire Plays

Band / Artist: Ari Hest
Year: 2013
Genre: Acoustic, Soft Rock

My Review:
 "What is a pirate's (and touring solo act on a budget's) favorite rental car? YARRRRRRIS instagr.am/p/UWyibeTANh/"
I loled. That was from his twitter.  Which is right here..

This album makes me think of so much poppy softish rock from movies in the 90s. It has a pinch of the Wallflowers, a dash of U2, and a sprinkle of Iron & Wine, all on some scotch with a splash of lemon.

In 1999, he released an EP, and since then, he has been working on his singer/songwriter style music and touring a lot, making 14 albums. In 2008, he did a project where he created a new song every monday for a year. Thats definitely impressive.

I don't really get the "singer/songwriter" label thats being used a lot now, because it doesn't seem to signify anything to me. You can't just make songs without writing them, and if they have you singing, of course you're a singer. I'd probably call it more acoustic rock or at least a name that seems more sensible, so i decided to label it Soft Rock. ANYHOW.

Considering that my last post was a very lively motown-ish album, this one seems like a good wind-down to play right after it. Slide guitar. Soft vocals, coming in between a croon and a somber drinking song. Soft synths and some acoustic drumming. Its a good album for a drink or a bonfire.

Ari Hest - The Fire Plays


Harbour City Electric - Without a sound

Band / Artist: Harbour City Electric
Year: 2010
Genre: Funk, Psychedelic Rock, R&B, Soul

My Review:
I've had this album in my chest of things that I need to post for at least 6 months. It figures I would wait long enough to be beaten to the punch by my brothers-in-groove at Moosick Revoos.

Harbour City Electric is a live seven-piece band from Wellington, New Zealand.  

Here's their members...
Simon Koziarski (guitar),
Paddy Bleakley (bass),
Ned Worboys (vocals),
Shaun Elley (drums),
Lex French (trumpet),
Richard Shirley (trombone),
Ed Zuccollo (keyboards)

And here's a quote about them.
Throwing synthesizers, tight horns, a kicking rhythm section and world-class vocals into the mix, Harbour City Electric have crafted their own unique style, which can only be described as Acid-funk and heavy break-beat soul.

This is rockin. It's such a rich sound, with flavors of Motown R&B, and jazzy psychedelic rock. Its a VERY good album that I'm proud to showcase, because it fits so well between the gaps I've had in my own collection.


Robotanists - Robotanists Does The King of Limbs (in 24 Hours)

Band / Artist: Robotanists
Year: 2011
Genre:Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative Pop, Covers

My Review:
This one had me at a bit of a curious position as far as posting it.

On the one hand, it is a good, free album, filled with material that I enjoyed. On the other hand, its a beat for beat cover of the whole king of limbs album.

I decided after a while that I would post it, because they really did a good job tearing down and rebuilding the whole Radiohead album within 24 hours of its release, which is an impressive enough feat for me to be cool with showcasing them.

As far as the band themselves go. They have an indie rock sort of sound, and they like to keep to the low key rises.

Here is their blog.

Its a great album if you're just a Radiohead fan, or if you wanted to hear that album sung by a woman and performed by a more raw, analogue sound. I guess it'd be a good one to take if you wanted a legally "stolen" version of king of limbs as well. Give it a shot, and welcome to 2013.

Robotanists - Robotanists Does The King of Limbs (in 24 Hours)


January! Free singles!

2013. Man.. WHY did I have to start you out by throwing up? It was like a nice send-off from 2012, reminding me once again, to suck it. Oh well. Here's some singles to pass the day. May they greatly please you, and not cause you to vomit.

Para Halu - Summer Solstice Mix 2011 (DJ set)

This came out a year and a half ago, but in my defense, I had no idea who this guy was till a little while ago. It's a good one for a run or some working music. I guess this would be fitting for your resolutions of getting thinner, stronger, or whatever.

Dj Lobsterdust - One More Diggity (Blackstreet vs. Maroon 5 vs.Gorillaz)

Bootie RIO doing what they do. Reminding me of how much good mashup work comes up all over the world every day.  Is it just me, or are gorrilaz getting seriously overplayed these days? I only see that from their first album though, and a pinch of their second. I wonder what that says about their album quality onward.

Hot Mouth (feat. Chris James) - Totally Worth It (Peacetreaty Remix)

Dancehall electro with a big pop-house vibe. I love good dancey techno, especially when I get to keep the track to play whenever I want. Dancing time in the kitchen.

Waves - Waves EP

Dreampop, Ambient Post-rock, Ambient techno. Somewhere in all of those is this short album. It has a sound that makes me wish there were some very soft, raw lyrics in an iron & wine style somewhere along the line.

And my last thing of today

Acrassicauda - Garden Of Stones

So they are good hard metal from Baghdad. They released this single as a promo for their whole album, and movie. I tried linking the video below, but in case it doesn't work, here's the site link.