Harbour City Electric - Without a sound

Band / Artist: Harbour City Electric
Year: 2010
Genre: Funk, Psychedelic Rock, R&B, Soul

My Review:
I've had this album in my chest of things that I need to post for at least 6 months. It figures I would wait long enough to be beaten to the punch by my brothers-in-groove at Moosick Revoos.

Harbour City Electric is a live seven-piece band from Wellington, New Zealand.  

Here's their members...
Simon Koziarski (guitar),
Paddy Bleakley (bass),
Ned Worboys (vocals),
Shaun Elley (drums),
Lex French (trumpet),
Richard Shirley (trombone),
Ed Zuccollo (keyboards)

And here's a quote about them.
Throwing synthesizers, tight horns, a kicking rhythm section and world-class vocals into the mix, Harbour City Electric have crafted their own unique style, which can only be described as Acid-funk and heavy break-beat soul.

This is rockin. It's such a rich sound, with flavors of Motown R&B, and jazzy psychedelic rock. Its a VERY good album that I'm proud to showcase, because it fits so well between the gaps I've had in my own collection.