Graffiti Mechanism, a little more than the normal.

Band / Artist: Graffiti Mechanism
Year: 2009-2012
Genre: Acid, Acid House, Ambient, Dub Techno, Techno, Lo-fi, Chillout, Chiptune, Dark, Downtempo

My Review:
In 2011, my life had gone sideways on me. Some friends were helping to pull me out of a lull that had and has somewhat persisted since mid 2010, like a cloud over and through my life. During a part of that, I started to find my artist legs once again, and began to build back some of my joys and motivations. I was playing through a lot of music I had missed out on during a stint where I had been mentally vacant, and had saved a folder for a day when I needed to focus on something.

And that is how I found Graffiti Mechanism.

This guy is named Adam Crammond. He runs, or has a hand in running a netlabel called Proc-rec, I believe it started up in 2007. He has released so much work, that I still find new pieces of his.

Today will be special because I'm showcasing 4 of them, showing a progression I noticed.

Graffiti Mechanism - Blotter Beats

The first one I'll post as these are all in chronological order. This isn't just acid in the way it's often heard. He brings in a background in ambient and noise.

The drug references seem to be a sign of where he intends for you to go with his music, and that he wants to make you dance a little while you're there. It seems to cycle back on itself, always gaining complexity as it reloops, and the sound seems to pick up more muddled layers while others fade inward below. The use of Lo-fi sounds as a tool instead of an issue with equipment is so interesting a choice to me, and it really works for him.

Graffiti Mechanism - The Fabric Of Existance

A step from acid in some ways, but keeping it going as the lifeblood of the tracks in many ways. This shows an evolution more from the kind of music made to dance the night away on drugs, to something showing a growth and a maturity. It is where I start to pick up on what I called Acid-daze, the sound that seems to be created for you to sit in a dark space and contemplate all layers of your life on hallucinogens.

Graffiti Mechanism - Fueled By Emotion

The first album I heard. This is the point where he really stepped into this meditative acid-daze sort of sound. I looked beck through everything of his I could find, and nothing else seems to capture this sound that he suddenly grasped with both hands and began knitting into a wonderful dreamscape.

I'd rate this one the highest of all of them if I were to be the type to rate albums. I can honestly say that something about this album helped me to find and heal some small part of my soul, although i cannot quantify that in any way. I can still listen to this on repeat for a whole day without even a trace of regret.

Graffiti Mechanism - Synesthesia

The shortest of the albums, an EP by any standard, even if the tracks are 7+ minutes each. This compounds on the top of the "Fueled By Emotion" set, adding a more clear and meditative approach to the sound he is exploring.  If he continues down this path, I do wonder what he is going to incorporate into it next.

Either way, Hats off to Graffiti Mechanism.


Connor Bird - Where Winter Hides

Band / Artist: Connor Bird
Year: 2012
Genre: Acoustic, Folk

My Review:
So, I got this email. The guys from Moosick sent me an artist interested in sharing his music with you. Aren't they a peach? Also the music is good too.

Mr. Bird is doing a short album of emotionally raw, exposed acoustic work. Unlike a lot of the acoustic music you tend to hear, this isn't as stripped down and minimal. There are complimenting flourishes of an accompanying guitar, adding slides, and soft ambient layers into the tracks. It still has a lot of that comforting simplicity of acoustic folk.

I made sure that he didn't have a website or anything, and he let me know that if anyone was interested in the music and wanted to get in touch with him, to please email him at flon1992(at)yahoo(.)com Please don't hesitate to do so, or even just tell him how cool he is. It's still such a rarity to find musicians willing to share it all like this, with nothing expected back.

I can't shake this feeling while listening to it about the years of jesus camp in the summers, not that this is christian music or anything, it just keeps triggering the memory. Anyhow.. Go give it a listen.

Connor Bird - Where Winter Hides


JJ - Kills

Band/Artist: JJ
Year: 2010
Genre: Synthpop, Mixtape, Bastard Pop

My Review:

So this swedish pop music duo named JJ decided to do something fun, and they made a hiphop mixtape. It's got a flavor of hiphop and r&b with a little rappy bits here and there, and then layered over with some soft dream pop stuff sounding like Royksopp doing punk on one end, and like Die Antwoord on some serious downers on the other end. 

This one falls under what I call “Bastard Pop”, that mercilessly chops up music, and uses the mulched bits to make something all its own. In some cases that can be mashups, and in others it can be something very far away from the originals, like music by Pogo or Dangermouse. Give it a shot.

Also if you like chopped & screwed mixes, then go ahead and download this version. I personally hate chopped & screwed, but my opinion isn't where you find your love for music is it?

JJ – Kills


Lastrapink - Portals

Band/Artist: Lastrapink
Year: 2009
Genre: IDM, Acid, Dubstep, Chillstep, Electro, Breaks

My Review:
This album is nice for all the reasons I love IDM. Its unnassuming, quirky, inventive, and humble in what it presents, a simple album for you to listen to and enjoy. No grandeur, no overcomplicating the beats. It brings a unique flavors and approaches to the fold, but you could just as easily ignore that and enjoy a simple jam session.

So just to give the in depth review of it, I'd say this. An album grabbing up the old flag of Acid IDM from the mid 00's (Such as some modern AFX albums) and blending it with the structural layout of more chill breakbeat tracks. The artists wasn't satisfied to leave it there, taking the chances with elements of dubstep, dub, drum n bass, more emotive ambient, and some tech house as a way to cohesively bring all of the album progressively along its path.

A good album to relate this to would be "Wicklow house" by Vertical67. I always feel like I'm referencing that one. Either way, give this one a listen.


The Windom Earle All Stars - A Series of Minor Personal Tragedies

Band/Artist: The Windom Earle All Stars
Genre: Punk, Synthpunk, Synthpop, Indie Rock, New Wave, Punk

My Review:
This album is sort of a compilation, but all of the bands listed are just the members of Windom Earle, a digital garage punk/ new wave/ comedy band.. thing. They have a ton of music released on their website, and here is that website.


I enjoy this album a lot, for its silly lyrics, and the way it all comes together in the playback. It has just enough comedy to be funny without distracting from the performance overall. I don't know how much more i can say to explain this album, and I suggest it for a test listening.

The Windom Earle All Stars – A Series of Minor Personal Tragedies


Pumpkins & Ghouls


For all of the month of October, at least all of the scheduled music posts will be music for the 'ween if I can make that happen. 
Starting back on November I'll be back onto Non-Horror/Fright/Halloween themed music.

Also, if anyone is near New Orleans this Halloween, let me know. It'd be great to meet up or hang out with people who like the blog.


Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

Band/Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Year: 2008
Genre: Industrial rock, Alternative rock, Electronica

My Review:
You might have heard of this band before just a little bit. This was farly and widely publicized, and probably shouldn't be something I go out of my way to post, but it was well worth a review and download. After being around for 20 years, and managing to be incredibly popular, Nine Inch nails released this album as a gift to the fans that had given so much money and love throughout all of those two decades.

This is one of those rare albums that is free, not a promo, and you would hear a song from it on the radio. There was a feel to this album that seems like since Trent Reznor had no monetary incentive behind it and the release, he took liberties and just explored it in whatever way he wanted to. Some big NIN fans were a little harsh on this, especially closer to the end, but I personally enjoy something that shows a growth and a personal touch, especially with what this album represented. It even comes with a collection of artworks, all minimal, ominous, and gritty, representing each track on the album.

The sound is similar in ways to with teeth, using some really strong, hard hitting rockstar sounds, and warping them with a mindblowing expanse of synth hookups, circuit bending mods, post processing edits, and god knows what else. There are a few tracks that harken to the rare "Still" EP that was released with the "And All That Could Have Been" tour video and album, as well as some tracks harkening to the "Ghosts" project released earlier the same year. It isn't the longest album, or maybe the best of their track history, but it really holds its own, especially with the slow down and fade out that it has, and how far it steps from (and around, and within) the rest of the NIN discography.

If you are a fan of Nine Inch Nails, enjoy the gift, and hopefully the band will come out of their retirement and make another album in the future.

Nine Inch Nails - The Slip


Mos Dub

Band / Artist: Max Tannone
Year: 2010
Genre: Dub Reggae, Hip-hop, Mashup

My Review:
A set of mashups using dub reggae remixes and Mos Def tracks from mostly Mos Definite and Black On Both Sides. The man behind the album, DJ, Producer, Remixer, and all around white guy from New York, Max Tannone. He looks just like my friend Scott, who I lovingly nicknamed Skurt Burton, but I digress... play that funky music white boy.
Overall its a great album for not being too long, and not being too overbearing. Some mashup bands are just not meant for many places other than the dancefloor, and as much as I like a good night out dancing, I don't feel like that is the way most music should be enjoyed.

anyway, if you want to read more about the tracklistings, they are in a Readme with the download. enjoy!

Max Tannone - Mos Dub