Mos Dub

Band / Artist: Max Tannone
Year: 2010
Genre: Dub Reggae, Hip-hop, Mashup

My Review:
A set of mashups using dub reggae remixes and Mos Def tracks from mostly Mos Definite and Black On Both Sides. The man behind the album, DJ, Producer, Remixer, and all around white guy from New York, Max Tannone. He looks just like my friend Scott, who I lovingly nicknamed Skurt Burton, but I digress... play that funky music white boy.
Overall its a great album for not being too long, and not being too overbearing. Some mashup bands are just not meant for many places other than the dancefloor, and as much as I like a good night out dancing, I don't feel like that is the way most music should be enjoyed.

anyway, if you want to read more about the tracklistings, they are in a Readme with the download. enjoy!

Max Tannone - Mos Dub