Connor Bird - Where Winter Hides

Band / Artist: Connor Bird
Year: 2012
Genre: Acoustic, Folk

My Review:
So, I got this email. The guys from Moosick sent me an artist interested in sharing his music with you. Aren't they a peach? Also the music is good too.

Mr. Bird is doing a short album of emotionally raw, exposed acoustic work. Unlike a lot of the acoustic music you tend to hear, this isn't as stripped down and minimal. There are complimenting flourishes of an accompanying guitar, adding slides, and soft ambient layers into the tracks. It still has a lot of that comforting simplicity of acoustic folk.

I made sure that he didn't have a website or anything, and he let me know that if anyone was interested in the music and wanted to get in touch with him, to please email him at flon1992(at)yahoo(.)com Please don't hesitate to do so, or even just tell him how cool he is. It's still such a rarity to find musicians willing to share it all like this, with nothing expected back.

I can't shake this feeling while listening to it about the years of jesus camp in the summers, not that this is christian music or anything, it just keeps triggering the memory. Anyhow.. Go give it a listen.

Connor Bird - Where Winter Hides