JJ - Kills

Band/Artist: JJ
Year: 2010
Genre: Synthpop, Mixtape, Bastard Pop

My Review:

So this swedish pop music duo named JJ decided to do something fun, and they made a hiphop mixtape. It's got a flavor of hiphop and r&b with a little rappy bits here and there, and then layered over with some soft dream pop stuff sounding like Royksopp doing punk on one end, and like Die Antwoord on some serious downers on the other end. 

This one falls under what I call “Bastard Pop”, that mercilessly chops up music, and uses the mulched bits to make something all its own. In some cases that can be mashups, and in others it can be something very far away from the originals, like music by Pogo or Dangermouse. Give it a shot.

Also if you like chopped & screwed mixes, then go ahead and download this version. I personally hate chopped & screwed, but my opinion isn't where you find your love for music is it?

JJ – Kills