K.Flay - West Ghost Mixtape

Band / Artist: K.Flay
Year: 2013
Genre: Alternative Hip-hop, Alternative Pop

My Review:
ANOTHER ONE. Man, I can't even stop sharing stuff from K.Flay.

I just got to see her at a show last week, and I enjoyed her set even if the soundman did a shit job at keeping her vocal level higher than the drummer. I tried to get an interview with her, but I guess her tour manager just blew me off, and the minute I talked to her, she just seemed tired and distracted. Left me feeling a little dejected... Anyways. I did meet her beats guy for this tour, cool dude named Noah, who I'll be sharing in the future.

This one is a pretty awesome album, but as you could guess, I'm a bit of a fan. This one has a lot of good story topics, like sucking at relationships because of baggage, or becoming a local to a new place and coming back home. She is also working on selling her EP, "What if it is" which you can pick up on iTunes. I think the songs are ones she's shared, but you know, supporting an artist that puts out so much for free is the only way to keep them going.

I also felt like linking to a listing of the lyrics. 

SO here's the download. Show some love.
K.Flay - West Ghost Mixtape


(Special Post) The Collected Works of Ken Smith


Band / Artist: Ken Smith
Year: 2004-2007
Genre: Techno, Gabber, Drum and Bass, Electro, Power Noise, Ambient Techno, Hip-Hop Beats,

My Review:

Ken was a friend of mine. We met in 2001 on a friends message board. We would talk online intermittently, but Ken was the sort of personality that even if you never met him in person, he would shine through. When I went off to Europe and heard frenchcore, Ken was the first person I thought of sharing it with. We shared a love for music, especially techno. We also had a lot of conversations about religion and art (and the chan), but music was always on our minds, and we were always sharing and collecting new artists between one another.

Ken died at the beginning of 2007. When I found out he was gone, I was confused, startled, and saddened. Like many who knew him online, we knew his computers would come and go in terms of working. I found out he had passed away in October 2007, long after he was laid to rest. I decided to try my best to find and contact all of his old friends, and collect every song or part of a song they still had from him.

It took a few years, and it came to a dauntingly large amount of music. After that the thing to do was sort it into albums the most like he would have made. I have to thank Briana Rhodes, Matt Clark, and Patrick Durbin, because they are the only way I could have found all of his music.

Some tracks have been edited to make them fit together better, or to provide closure to a track. A few tracks I remixed to make them work (especially on our collaboration album). Not every track is perfectly how I found it, or under the same name it was done under. Some song titles were altered, or in the cases of no original title, renamed with something Ken would like. The album art was all created with references or images ken had made or been in, with exception where needed.
I hope you enjoy this memorial to my friend. All the tracks are under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (Details can be seen at; http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/). Please feel free to remix, play, sample, or redistribute these anywhere or anyhow you wish. If you would like to ask about using any of them for commercial purposes, please email me.

So please enjoy. Spread it and share it with anyone you know, chop it up and make beats, use it for DJ shows, whatever you want. Ken would have loved other people sharing and celebrating his music.

Individual CDs

The full pack of all of these works is about 1.2 gigs. I'll upload it directly if anyone is interested, just shoot me a comment



Victor Arden & Phil Ohman Orchestra - Collection 1925-1934

Band / Artist: Victor Arden & Phil Ohman Orchestra
Year: 1925 - 1934
Genre: Jazz, Ragtime, Classical

My Review:
Dozens of old Brunswick and Victor records. Victor Arden was the stage name of Lewis John Fuiks, 1893 - 1962. From 1909 to 1941 he made music, the middle of that time being with Phil Ohman, 1896 - 1954.

The duo worked in Broadway showtunes as a specialty, and amassed a grand orchestra that they worked with for a majority of their time. Apparently they always made sure to fit in a space in their music to have a piano duet. Its like bromance of the 1920s & 30s.

Well, I hope that this is enjoyable, I'm gonna have to listen to this for a while.

 Victor Arden & Phil Ohman Orchestra - Collection 1925-1934


DJ Spooky - Of Water and Ice

Band / Artist: DJ Spooky
Year: 2012
Genre: Ambient, Experimental, Electronic

My Review:

I've seen DJ Spooky perform twice, both times being an artistic performance. He was once known for his DJ work, but these days he's moved to poetry, artistic sound pieces, and collaborations with many various persons throughout the art world.

This album is a very arty piece. Recordings were made in the arctic, and made into these very intricate soundscape pieces that are very much worth enjoying, especially if you are a fan of the more arty ambient music.

I wont waste your time, you'll either love or hate this, so I'll leave it up to you to figure out which.

DJ Spooky - Of Water and Ice


The Astray - Letters

Band / Artist: The Astray
Year: 2012
Genre: Indie Rock, Synth Rock

My Review:
My friend listened through this one while I was passed out in the car on a roadtrip. She hated it.

I listened through it a couple times, and I couldn't see what it was that annoyed her so much. This was her review.
Astray...le review.

If you like that almost emo-ish, post-hardcore, synthy rock...the Astray totally delivers that. mind you, they have a really solid sound that reminds me of Dreamy Thursday or This Day and Age or even a Depeche Mode (they list them as an influence on their Facebook). First time through, this album made me super sleepy (I think it was the dark, windy backroads and synths)...but a second time through, I started to appreciate their sound more. it's surprising to me that they're such a small act, they have a really developed/produced sound.

 I dunno how comprehensible any of that is...I just jotted stuff down. use it however you like.
My review is a little more brief. There is a lot of 80s/90s "underground" rock influence in this album. They seem to have been influenced by Placebo, The Cure, and I cant think of what else off the top of my head, maybe New Order. The singer has a higher pitch,younger voice like you hear from a young version of Placebo, and overall, its a good synth rock album.

The Astray - Letters


Free Singles - Crown the Invisible, TheAnonymousDJ, Felix Da Housecat, Memcave

This is a really interesting tune, with a really interesting backstory. Basically there was a musician long ago in the UK I believe, who wrote this song, and aeons later, it became a public domain track with little interest.


A contest was put on, with the intention of letting new artists interested in public domain, do covers and remakes of these songs to bring them into the 21st century. This was one of the most noteworthy tracks. They are out of Brooklyn, and they are working on a new album right now.

Crown The Invisible - The Spaniard who blighted my life

TheAnonymousDJ is back again
This time he's releasing a couple of his own mixes. I picked this one especially because of the tech house influences, and because I enjoyed it.

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (The Anonymous DJ's Born To Dance Remix)

He also had an original track on there as well. Its pretty awesome. An even more tech house/electro track. I've enjoyed both, and I'm glad to see him moving more toward making his own tracks here and there.

TheAnonymousDJ - Low Frequencies (Original Mix)

On the other end of the techno spectrum today is some Felix Da Housecat. He did a bunch of electropop and electroclash back in the past 10 years or so, and its worth looking more into him, for being all trashy and magically dancey. This song is all about manly men and penis size, as explained by a catty drag queen. Hope you enjoy.

Felix Da Housecat - Frankie Meets Pauline (Clandestin Edit) 

I've been sitting on this EP for a long while, and I've been waiting for a time to get to posting it. As luck would have it, I have a few minutes right now.

Memcave is an artist on a record label called Memnet. You should stop in there and check them out if you like what you hear. Here is their blog.


This is a short release based around ambient, IDM, Drum & Bass, and weird samples.

Memcave - Cheap Frrrz EP


Quilty - Masonish

Band/Artist: Quilty
Year: 2012
Genre: Alternative, Alternative rock, Indie rock, Femme rock
My Review:
If you have an ear for Veruca Salt or the Plumtree album I shared, then you should enjoy this one. Quilty might be on hiatus, or just busy with other things. The band has a Tumblr page here

The most of it is soft, with some playful circusy moments, and then brooding, tense parts that occassionally burst into a chorus filled with a stifled rage. I listened through this one and the other free EPs offered up for download, and I REALLY enjoy the first and third track on their EP, Strange Matter, which is also up for grabs.


Sepalcure - Eternally Yrs

Band / Artist: Sepalcure
Year: 2013
Genre: Dub House, House, Footwork, Nu Disco, Chicago Juke

My Review:
I've been pretty hit or miss about noisetrade music in my life recently. It isn't that the music is bad, its just a lot of folk pop, and I get burned out on it.

This album is not that at all. In making an effort to find noisetrade albums that are indeed worthy of non-folk-pop attention, I found this thing. Sepulcure creates a soundscape that pulls from in rainbows era radiohead, dub house, and Indie dance. It reminded me a lot of Underworld in some parts, and flying lotus in others. The most of the album used these 2step mutations for a ton of the drumlines, which I found out is a Chicago based style of dance called Footwork or Chicago Juke. I'd call it a groove-laden, rich, chill album that plays with a plethora of references and tempos. Definitely something worth a moment of your time.

Here is the band website. They just released their debut LP.

... also they have the best interests listed
Band Interests -90s Diva House Vocals & Wooden Snares

When I was listening to it in the car, I was dancing in my car and a guy in a truck passed by and yelled to keep on grooving, and so, I did.

Sepalcure - Eternally Yrs