K.Flay - West Ghost Mixtape

Band / Artist: K.Flay
Year: 2013
Genre: Alternative Hip-hop, Alternative Pop

My Review:
ANOTHER ONE. Man, I can't even stop sharing stuff from K.Flay.

I just got to see her at a show last week, and I enjoyed her set even if the soundman did a shit job at keeping her vocal level higher than the drummer. I tried to get an interview with her, but I guess her tour manager just blew me off, and the minute I talked to her, she just seemed tired and distracted. Left me feeling a little dejected... Anyways. I did meet her beats guy for this tour, cool dude named Noah, who I'll be sharing in the future.

This one is a pretty awesome album, but as you could guess, I'm a bit of a fan. This one has a lot of good story topics, like sucking at relationships because of baggage, or becoming a local to a new place and coming back home. She is also working on selling her EP, "What if it is" which you can pick up on iTunes. I think the songs are ones she's shared, but you know, supporting an artist that puts out so much for free is the only way to keep them going.

I also felt like linking to a listing of the lyrics. 

SO here's the download. Show some love.
K.Flay - West Ghost Mixtape