Free Singles - Crown the Invisible, TheAnonymousDJ, Felix Da Housecat, Memcave

This is a really interesting tune, with a really interesting backstory. Basically there was a musician long ago in the UK I believe, who wrote this song, and aeons later, it became a public domain track with little interest.


A contest was put on, with the intention of letting new artists interested in public domain, do covers and remakes of these songs to bring them into the 21st century. This was one of the most noteworthy tracks. They are out of Brooklyn, and they are working on a new album right now.

Crown The Invisible - The Spaniard who blighted my life

TheAnonymousDJ is back again
This time he's releasing a couple of his own mixes. I picked this one especially because of the tech house influences, and because I enjoyed it.

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (The Anonymous DJ's Born To Dance Remix)

He also had an original track on there as well. Its pretty awesome. An even more tech house/electro track. I've enjoyed both, and I'm glad to see him moving more toward making his own tracks here and there.

TheAnonymousDJ - Low Frequencies (Original Mix)

On the other end of the techno spectrum today is some Felix Da Housecat. He did a bunch of electropop and electroclash back in the past 10 years or so, and its worth looking more into him, for being all trashy and magically dancey. This song is all about manly men and penis size, as explained by a catty drag queen. Hope you enjoy.

Felix Da Housecat - Frankie Meets Pauline (Clandestin Edit) 

I've been sitting on this EP for a long while, and I've been waiting for a time to get to posting it. As luck would have it, I have a few minutes right now.

Memcave is an artist on a record label called Memnet. You should stop in there and check them out if you like what you hear. Here is their blog.


This is a short release based around ambient, IDM, Drum & Bass, and weird samples.

Memcave - Cheap Frrrz EP