LFO Demon - Genocide Memoria

Band/Artist: LFO Demon
Year: 2004
Genre: Ambient, Illbient, Chillout, Dub, Breakcore, Abstract

My Review:
LFO Demon (Also known as Mental Hell) is a jungle / gabber musician for anything I have heard BUT this album. Usually when a musician jumps genre after releasing only one genre for their whole catalogue, you expect it to suck big time or feel horribly fake and forced, but this one is something else.

This is an album that works simultaneously putting two faces out to the listener; a soft, groove based Chillout album, and a dark, brooding soundscape that always edges on the precipice of an ominous event. Maybe this album WAS forced, which would explain that feeling like you're listening to something huge, dark, and malicous underneath a shiny exterior and a smile.

This album was released on the C8 netlabel collective back in 2004, and was one of the very few softer albums to be on that site at the time. Only a few other slow albums ever showed up on there, and I believe that the label is now defunct, but the site is still up.

Anyhow, this is a full length album, with a playing time of an hour. The sounds and approaches toward the grooves on every track are different, with elements of jazz rock, IDM, jungle, dub reggae, and a couple industrial moments. I've been listening to this one since 2005, and I still put it on for a road trip or a writing session.

A heads up, the tracks are all downloadable individually on the link

LFO Demon – Genocide Memoria

If you want it all in an organized pack, you can download it here.

Full Download


The Revivalists - Live @ Tipitina's 7​-​30​-​10

Band/Artist: The Revivalists
Year: 2011
Genre: Jam, Alternative rock, Blues Rock, Jazz Rock
My Review:
I was supposed to see this band live on halloween last year, but they hadn't come on by the time I left. Not very surprising since New Orleans seems to have a second boost of energy around 2am.
Now normally I hate live albums, because they sound flat and you deal with that annoying cheering and the band trying to play off of the crowd, which can only rarely hold that energy when recorded and listened to on speakers or headphones. This one manages to pull off that feat pretty well but since thy play weekly at Tipitinas bar, I would guess that it just comes naturally to them, and the recording process had plenty of opportunities to be perfected.

As far as the music is concerned, The Revivalists are a funky New Orleans jazz/blues rock band, with elements of the brass band scene, and a modern rock band appeal. The vocalist has an interesting mealymouth sort of sound to his singing that sets him apart, and works really well with the rest of the players. They know how to make a melody, and on this album, make melodies they do indeed.


Random Post - Matthew Perryman Jones - Land of the Living

Band / Artist: Matthew Perryman Jones
Year: 2012
Genre: Alternative, Indie Pop

My Review:
This one might be only available for a short time, so share it with anyone you think would like it now.

I guess all things that were once "alternative" are now "indie". Either way, a good alt rock album to have if the old sound of U2 was pleasant to you. I had it on repeat for a day after getting it.

It has bits of a sister sound to each one of these albums..
Beck - Sea Change
Radiohead - The Bends
U2 - Joshua Tree
Camphor - Drawn to Dust
Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head

if you like any of these, then you should really consider trying to get this one while its still being offered, but like I said, it was listed as available for a short time only.

Matthew Perryman Jones - Land of the Living


Free Single - Paul Banks - The Base

The vocalist of Interpol, Paul Banks, has a solo album coming out in the near future, called "Banks". He's sharing a free download of the opening track, "The Base", which is a pretty promising taster for the forthcoming album.

Its a halfway point between the sound of indie rock and the rhythm and soul of a synthpop track. I could only imagine what kind of tastes in music I'd have if this was the kind of synthpop I had gotten into back in the mid 2000s. God, I hope kids out there now get exposed to this kind of music while their tastes are forming.




Barnum - Devices

Band/Artist: Barnum
Year: 2012
Genre: Metal, Nu Metal, Industrial
My Review:
Do you like METAL? Good. Then check out this band from Costa Rica that my friend Diego from college started up. Diego works as vocalist, and maybe guitarist (EDIT: He's just vocalist. His buddy Frank Mayorga
is the guitarist, and started the band). He's an awesome guy though, and I'm glad to hear he has something going on. here's their facebook page. I haven't seen any other pages from them yet.


Some nicely fleshed sound coming out of those speakers. I'd say its one part heavy metal, one part industrial, and served over some frosty Nu Metal in a cold mug. It isn't the longest EP I've ever heard, but the band is apparently fairly new, so I'd guess they are hoping to release a larger album in the near future. I know I'm looking forward to it.
Give 'er a listen.


Random posts - Ivan and Alyosha - The Cabin Sessions Demos

I just got contacted by a viewer to the blog suggesting this demo set. So thanks a bunch! Here we go...

Band / Artist: Ivan & Alyosha
Year: 2012
Genre: Folk, Indie Folk, Folk Pop

My Review:
They are a northwest indie band with that folksy, acoustic sound that indie bands love so well, but with just a bit of that country hometown band sound, and their photo collection with instagram, like these;

Tons of good shots for album covers.. Anyhow, here is their site if you want to see more of their stuff.


They just signed with dualtone records, which hopefully means they are set for a few years to grow and evolve, and hopefully build up a big fanbase. They are absolutely your thing if you like Mumford & Sons or Johnny Flynn.

Ivan and Alyosha - The Cabin Sessions


Space Dimension Controller - Unidentified Flying Oscillator

Band / Artist: Space Dimension Controller
Year: 2009
Genre: Electro, House, Funk Techno

My Review:
This guy has been interviewed by tons of blogs and magazines, describing him and his music far better than I ever could or would want to. Here's a link to it.


Basically, this album is some spacey themed chill techno stuff. It has some funny themes, a decent set of processed vocals, and a pleasant layer of beats flavored similarly to the Vertical67 release i put on here earlier. Anyhow, give it a shot.

Space Dimension Controller - Unidentified Flying Oscillator


Free Singles - De/Vision - Brotherhood Of Man

De/Vision is offering a free single, "Brotherhood Of Man"from the album "Rockets & Swords" which should be coming out soon.

They do german synthpop type stuffs, and have been doing music since '88. I keep a copy of "De/Volution" to listen to from time to time.

Here's a sample of some of their older stuff to give you an idea about what you're getting.

So here's the link to the track if you want it.


Brutal Redneck - May 2012

Band/Artist: Brutal Redneck
Year: 2012
Genre: Mashup

My Review:
This one is a monthly mashup album to listen to by someone listed on the Bootie RIO. He (she? I have no idea) hails from ______ and makes a shorter album like this every month, as well as other theme albums. Its a good set of tracks, that are well mixed and make an unexpected presentation sometimes. Overall, Burtal Redneck isnt perfect yet, there are still some hiccups in making sure that the beats mesh together well, but this one was the best of them i heard so far.

My only qualm i have to say is that i'm getting tired of mashup artists using MIchael Jackson. If you really want to make something fresh, use his lesser known tracks, or maybe try some band that came and went with almost no notoriety, but a really solid sound. Oh well. This one was a good mashup set, and Brutal Redneck is so prolific that i couldn't help but subscribe to the blog to keep up with his progression.

 Brutal Redneck – May 2012 


Merchandise – Children of Desire

Band/Artist: Merchandise
Year: 2012
Genre: Post-Punk, Shoegaze, New Wave, Folk
My Review:
Central Florida s where I grew up, and it is best described as a really unusual place. People do tons of meth there, Churches are the size of shopping malls, the elected governor always ends up being an asshole, and there is a giant metal scene and a smaller (but strong) goth scene.
Merchandise was a band suggested to me by a friend from tampa that I used to make music with. I hadn't been very in touch with the scene in a while, and missed out on some interesting indie/ shoegaze/ dream pop/ new wave crossovers. I guess this is referred to as post punk? Honestly i never know anymore with the soft rock scene, and mostly rely on the genre listings to help guide me through what exactly i'm listening to. Okay so enough of that, on to describing the album.
I wasn't sure what was starting up at the begininng of the first track I heard, and once the singer started in i started to imagine this was a group of people who really enjoyed that old Q Lazarus song from Silence of the Lambs (everybody tuck your junk!). They have a really pleasant sound, making something that could have easily been placed back in the early 90's or today. The mix has some really interesting noise and ambient backings, which a few times during a jog scared the shit out of me. I think they might push the weird a little far in some spots with some dissonant moments that took me out of the groove for a second. The layout of the album is ; short short long, short short long, and the long tracks seem like theyd be way too much, but when playing back, it works really well, like a momentary solo jam session in the midst of the tracks.

They have an older album listed as well if you liked them a lot, but that one is a little bit noisier. Nonetheless, if you like it then awesome, this band could really go somewhere if they build up their recording mixing and keep it up. I listened to this one over and over for days.


The Ghost Of 3.13 - The World Isn't Here

Band / Artist: The Ghost Of 3.13
Year: 2012
Genre: ambient, modern-classical, IDM, glitch, breakcore

My Review:

The 26 year old Romanian dude making this music definitely know how to play around with his breaks, creatively and emotively. I would say that its breakcore, but it really isn’t through & through. It's kind of like a film or game score. Rainy day candlelight sort of feel to it.

It's really strange sad and beautiful together. I definitely love this one.

I just realized after following them for years, that Sociopath Records was a Taiwanese record label. One more reason to go to Taiwan, ladyboys be damned.

The Ghost Of 3.13 - The World Isn't Here

Backend update

So before I post an album today, I wanted to give a little backend info about whats happening in the blog schedule format.

Now that the blog has a decent backlog of posts building up, I'm going to be trying to activate site ads to help fund this project, and setting up posts to come out on a more reasonable schedule. There is nearly no way that you could really download and appreciate an album a day every day for a year, nor is there a way that I could keep up with that kind of pace without possibly burning out or sacrificing quality.

So the schedule is going to be;

-A new album every five days, with a description like it has been on the previous posts.

-At least once a month I'm going to do a bonus post dedicated to the stuff that doesn't normally get posted. It could be singles, DJ mixes, genres that normally don't get much love, promo teasers, or just anything else that seems like a good extra.

If you like anything here, or want to share an album with me, or swap blog links, just let me know. I'd love to hear from people. Like always, share the blog with anyone you know who is as much of a music whore as I am, and please support the artists.