Backend update

So before I post an album today, I wanted to give a little backend info about whats happening in the blog schedule format.

Now that the blog has a decent backlog of posts building up, I'm going to be trying to activate site ads to help fund this project, and setting up posts to come out on a more reasonable schedule. There is nearly no way that you could really download and appreciate an album a day every day for a year, nor is there a way that I could keep up with that kind of pace without possibly burning out or sacrificing quality.

So the schedule is going to be;

-A new album every five days, with a description like it has been on the previous posts.

-At least once a month I'm going to do a bonus post dedicated to the stuff that doesn't normally get posted. It could be singles, DJ mixes, genres that normally don't get much love, promo teasers, or just anything else that seems like a good extra.

If you like anything here, or want to share an album with me, or swap blog links, just let me know. I'd love to hear from people. Like always, share the blog with anyone you know who is as much of a music whore as I am, and please support the artists.