K. Flay - Eyes Shut EP

Band / Artist: K. Flay
Year: 2012
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop, Indie Electronic

My Review:
This is a girl I saw at Bonnaroo. Really fresh hip-hop with some harsh and gritty sounds. She DJs too, and I danced through at least an hour of her live set, which nearly killed me after 3 days of 2 hours sleep a night and bad cafeteria food. Here's her site.

This EP is co-produced by Liam Howlett, one of the members of Prodigy. It rings through clearly with the dirty bristly sound coursing through the whole thing. She doesnt rap in the normal vein, and jumps into and out of choruses in her tracks, or even takes breaks to let instument solos play out. This girl has some promise, and she seriously rocks it live.

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K. Flay - Eyes Shut EP