Plumtree - Flutterboard

Band / Artist: Plumtree
Year: 1994
Genre: Indie, Femme rock

My Review:
A femme indie band from the grunge hayday. I've kept this one for the lightheartedness of the vocals, its a city driving favorite. The band was around in Canada for about 7 years, never really hitting it big, They are back around and make stuff now, after a reunion in 2010. Turns out that they ar the ones that originally spawned that whole "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" thing with a song about him that they wrote.

Their website is http://www.plumtree.ca/
A Side project spawned from this called Sisters, which you can find here. http://www.sistermusic.ca/

The songs are about pet worms, and cats, and other silly fluff. Come to think of it, shouldn't any album with the "Peanuts" font be about silly fluff?

If you like what you hear, like always, look up the artist and consider chipping them a few bucks, buying some merch from them, or looking for them touring near you.

 Plumtree – Flutterboard