Max Tannone - Ghostfunk

 Band / Artist: Max Tannone
Year: 2011
Genre: Mashup, Funk, Dance, Hip-Hop

My Review:
All Ghostface Killa, all vintage african funk mixes. I shared an album from Max Tannone back last year, if you can remember Mos Dub, which is an all time favorite for me.

This album creates a really creative set of new grooves and rythms for a selection of Ghostface Killa's hit tracks, and the use of african funk tracks is so perfect, making these really chill and fresh sounding hip-hop tracks that kick ass.

If you dig this, and Mos Dub, then don't wait, and shoot back to the start of the blog, and pick up Wugazi - 13 Chambers as well. Wu Tang clan may be nothing to fuck with, but they sure are something to mash.

Max Tannone - Ghostfunk