Rabbit Hole Revelations - Songs for Broken Ears

Band / Artist:

Year: 2013
Genre: Folktronic, Trip Hop, Ambient Techno

My Review:
I got this email earlier in the week. Some good submissions from a pretty nice guy, making music and going to college in San Francisco. Here is his interview.

Jumbly Music: It's nice to meet you. How are you doing?

Rabbit Hole Revelations: I'm doing pretty swell. I was supposed to fly into San Francisco today but there was a huge plane crash! At first it was thought that everyone on board was okay but now I'm hearing that there have been two deaths. Either way, my thoughts go out to those involved.

Jumbly: A heart of gold in you sir. So, whats your back story?

RHR: My back story! I feel like a superhero, haha...I've had a pretty normal upbringing. I've lived most of my life in southern California but recently moved to the northern Cali which has been a blessing for my life and music. The scene up here is awesome, so much great stuff coming out of these parts. I've spent a lot of time in the past few years going to school, making music, involving myself in activism, living in communes and hitchhiking around the state. Not much to complain about.

Jumbly: That commune living always seems like it could be an interesting thing to try, as long as it doesn't start getting creepy. Where are you from?

RHR: All over. I was originally born in Paraguay, South America and moved to San Diego, California when I was 7 years old. A few years ago I decided to make San Francisco my home.

Jumbly: Do you find it influences your style and your music much?

RHR: My move to San Francisco seems to have made my music take a turn for the darker. The city is a cold, gritty animal!

Who makes your album art?

RHR: I'm blessed to have a lot of great artists around me who are always willing to draw something up for me. My brother made the cover for LP and my friend Resham did for Songs For Broken Ears. They're both ridiculously good artists.

Jumbly: The art does fit with the music pretty well. Do you tour much? Ever doing a tour through the US?

RHR: I've played a few shows here and there but I'm broke as fuck, so I'm currently trying to acquire decent enough equipment to be able to produce a more visual and interactive live show. A tour would be amazing but being a university student leaves little time to even compose music sometimes.

Jumbly: I know plenty of people who have just made up the cash to do a short trip via car and couchsurfing. One group even picked up teeshirts from thrift stores on the road and screen printed them to sell before shows. Maybe you could try it that way.

What way do you think is best to enjoy your music? Would you consider it good date music, driving music, chillout music, etc?

RHR: People have told me it is good music to do drugs to, haha. My friend says she was saved from a bad trip by listening to one of my songs. I think it suits late-night driving through a big, lit-up city.

Jumbly: What would you say is your favorite thing you've done? What is you biggest failure, or least enjoyable thing you've done?

RHR: I love working with new musicians I meet online, especially on /mu/. The last thing I did was a song was a track called Lwaxana with this awesome female artist A Problem Like Maria. You can listen to that shit here: https://soundcloud.com/aplmaria/a-problem-like-maria-lwaxana.

All of the music I've made has been enjoyable, but my least favorite thing that still embarrasses me to this day is my first demo, Music for Psychonauts, which you can probably find if you dig around online.

Jumbly: I found it on LastFM. I can see your point of view, but I didn't hate it.
Do you like giving away your music for free? Do you hope to continue or would you rather move to a pay system?

Yes! I hate the idea of money and think all art should be freely available to everyone, regardless of what they can pay for it. I've found that if people can pay, they usually will. The pay-what-you-want is the new system of how music will be distributed. Record labels are dead!

Do you have any sounds/ bands/ or pieces of art that you admire or try to emulate with your music?

RHR: I love the chill, sultry experimental electronic music that has been making the rounds in the past few years. Stuff like Shlohmo, Lapalux, Teebs, Giraffage. Those cats are rad!

Jumbly: If anyone wanted to do a collaboration with you, would you be interested?

RHR: I'm always down to try something out, so yeah if anyone wants to collab hit me up!

Jumbly: How should they get in touch with you?

RHR: Rabbitholerevelations@gmail.com, or through Soundcloud or Facebook.

Jumbly: What kinds of projects do you really want to do in the future?

RHR: I want to start working with more rappers and singers. Most of the music I've made has been instrumental and getting lyrics adds a whole 'nother element to music that can completely change it.

Jumbly: Are there any bands that you're into currently? What do you think they did right, or should change in their follow-up? I love to hear real critiques from artists about other peoples work.

RHR: I really dig XXYYXX, I think he's one of the most interesting faces in music in the past few years, and he's only 17! The kid's really good at combining types of electronic music (hip-hop, garage, post-dubstep) and making something fresh out of them. His internet buzz alone made him blow up all around the world. I hope he doesn't let it get to him though and his follow-up is as good as his self-titled.

Jumbly: Do you follow the blog? What would you like to see more of? Or any suggestions?

RHR: Yes! I follow most of the bloggers on /mu/. I've found some great stuff on Jumbly Music that most people would never blog about. The only thing I would want is more updates, haha.

I know, I wish that I could update more often as well. Since work picked up I've been a lot more busy, but I am hoping for a day where I can get enough traffic to justify working on it a lot closer to a part time job.
Do you know any other great sites that people should check out? What about any other bands?

RHR: Any music producers should check out the subreddit We Are the Music Makers (http://www.reddit.com/r/WeAreTheMusicMakers/). This is a great online source with a lot of information on making music. I would also like to give some shout-outs to the homies A Problem Like Maria, Blank Banshee, Electric Sea Spider, Insomniacs, AbnormAL. Catch them before they get huge!

Jumbly: Thanks a bunch for sharing your music with me.

I have one last question. Do you think that there are supernatural things out there? Do you think that music could be supernatural?

I don't necessarily believe or disbelieve in the supernatural, I think things like that we just can't know for sure. I've been interested in the topic since I was very young but have never had any experiences myself. Music can be anything you want it to be! So yes, it can definitely be supernatural.

So he doesn't lie. The album is a good, quirky chillout album. Its worth looking at his collection of work. Hopefully he keeps working and can get some good tours going on, because I'd love to help get him some shows here in New Orleans.

Rabbit Hole Revelations - Songs for Broken Ears

Also I'm sharing his earlier album, LP. You can hear how he's grown from one release to the next.

Rabbit Hole Revelations - LP