Morbo & Mambo - Morbo Y Mambo

Band / Artist: Morbo & Mambo
Year: 2011
Genre: Jam band, Afrobeat, Mambo, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Brass Band

My Review:
This band REALLY needs to play at Jazz fest in New Orleans. They would make money hand over fist there. The mix of Prog/Psychedelic Rock and Brass band moments with the layers of Dub over top makes for a really great atmosphere, and as long as the band can deliver their vibe in a live showing, they'd be amazing.

So they are a 6-man band out of Buenos Aires, who call themselves "Stoner Afrobeat", and thats mostly what I can make out, since I'm piss-poor at Spanish. I tried to translate their info from their facebook here...


..... and I got this as my translation.

Seven heads are smoldering combustion entering the play live and leave the audience elated, having danced and floated by its sound universe. Bitchy and Mambo, marplatenses band based in San Telmo, can be defined with two phrases: "the dancing bodies, minds work better" and "against gender and pro-groove". Playing together since 2007 and in its short but intense way and circulated by the most important stages of the Buenos Aires underground with young bands like Journey to the Cosmos Prietto Mariano, Mompox and Dietrich, among others.

Since 2009 enjoy a strong relationship with bands from Brazil, received in Buenos Aires to Do Amor (Cê Band musicians Caetano Veloso) and Lucas Santtana (Tropicália 2). The bond between C Love Mambo Kinky and resulted in a seven shows for Brazil in early 2011, they passed through Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo, where he shared the stage with Curumin. During the tour had great press coverage, recorded a video for MTV Brazil, and established close ties with the cultural and social group Fora do Eixo in view of future collaborations and tours.

So far the EP's lead edited and Handleness Das Papier independently, and are presenting their debut LP, titled, recorded live at the legendary ION Studios. They were part of the line up of the 10th TMDG, the largest design event in Latin America. They were chosen by The Police killed a motorized to play in the first edition of Rolling Stone Live festival, organized by the Argentina edition of the magazine, and Bitchy Mambo defined as "owners of one of the most powerful performances of the scene current emerging, based on a great musical knowledge to create a soundscape where there is much room for improvisation flight, but executed with surgical precision "

Very little in the way of vocals, but this would be great in a dance mix. It has a sound that makes me think that the players can all vibe together really well.

Morbo & Mambo - Morbo Y Mambo