AAAHHCHESTRA - Braaahhlitz Compilation

Year: 2013
Genre: Folk Pop, Indie Rock, Soft Rock

My Review:
One of those albums that could be noise, or bad spoken word, or some amazingly good acoustic pieces. You hold your breath, turn it on, and... its good!

AAAHHCHESTRA is a group project from AAAHH Records. Their link is right here.

This has a lot of elements of older music, and a deep reaching sort of heartfelt sound throughout pretty much all the songs. The uses of flute, whistling, tambourine, light synth, horns, and both male and female vocalists help the guitars and drums really flesh out great. The last track is pretty bleh, but it is meant to be silly anyhow.

AAAHHCHESTRA - Braaahhlitz Compilation