Bitbasic - Meek

Band / Artist: Bitbasic
Year: 2012
Genre: Nu Breaks, IDM, Glitch, Electronica, Jungle, Breakbeat, Future Garage

My Review:
Name; Simon Haycock. Location; London. Skill; Electronica?

This is a gem in the IDM, , whatever-you-say kind of electronica world. I've referenced the album "Family Glue" by Global Goon before, and this is an album that feels like it is on par with that same bubbly, playful, groovy feel. Some moments have that kind of skill that Beck was notorious for, taking bunches of noise, and making it into something completely different.

Its one part of Jazz and Funk, shaken over frozen Jungle, and then poured in a Glitch glass with some fresh IDM squeezed over the top... I need better analogies.

Here is his fabecook. He posts regularly from it.

Here is his twitter filled with tweets. https://twitter.com/Bitbasic

Here is the guy that was kind enough to do the cover art.

Welp. I could gab your ear off all day about how much I've been annoying friends with this cd on repeat, but I'll just let you go listen for yourself.

Bitbasic - Meek