Free Singles - MORBIDTWATT, Myron & E, Andy Iona, Magnifico, K.Flay Feat. Felix Cartal


There was a funny-ish backstory to me finding this musician, but it wouldn't be in best service to him to tell it to you. Suffice it to say, art and life are rarely on the same level. He makes dark industrial music with a lot of techno influence, much of it utilizing string soundscapes. This is a link to all of his soundcloud tracks, as he offers them all up for free.

Myron & E - If I Gave You My Love

This is a soft, Motown-ish sort of track, that has a good amount of horns. It'd be good for dancing or.. ahem.. more private activities..

They do music with a group called  Soul Investigators, and the two just joined up to make a debut album on their new record label, Stones Throw. The new album is called Broadway, and it'll be out in July.

Andy Iona - Pretty Red Hibiscus & Naughty Hula Eyes

You know, that photo is just a tad creepy to me. Nevertheless, these songs are soft, melodic ukelele songs from long ago, which both are pleasing to listen to or to play for a significant other when you're being cute. Both of these fall into the public domain, as does most of his music I believe.

Andy Iona lived from 1902 to 1966, and mostle released music as "Andy Iona and his Islanders". He was noted as being one of Hawaii's most influential musicians, and somewhere out there is a boxed set of his work that has 112 tracks on it.

Magnifico - Ubic‡u Te

A guy from Yugoslavia. He's been getting big there, and has starred in a few Slovenian movies, as well as releasing a number of albums since 92. This track is from 2011.Its kind of like a cross of Latin dance (like salsa and such) with a bit of dub effects, and a few flares of that eastern European horn playing that I've started to notice is common. Its pretty great, even though I have no idea what he's saying.

K.Flay Feat. Felix Cartal - Rest Your Mind

You know where this is going. Its dancey technoish hiphop. This time there was a long backstory. Here it goes...

..and thats it. I like this one more than some of the softer stuff. It makes me wiggle my ass.