Low Leaf - GiGA GAiA EP

Band / Artist: Low Leaf
Year: 2012
Genre: Harpist, Alternative Pop, RnB, Nu Disco, Alternative Hip-Hop

My Review:

If the last Low leaf album I showcased was like an acoustic little dragon, this would be her taking another step toward their sound. I guess that since this came before, then the last one would be her taking a step away into a direction more her own. Here is her website.


Don't get me wrong. This isn't an unoriginal work that just rips off someone else, nor does it seem that is her goal. She builds up a funky rhythm all her own, that comes off with the same weirdo groove of Beck, painting with a palette more like contemporary Hip-hop/Pop/RnB/Techno. Its thick and dripping of sounds like Missy Elliot, Squarepusher, Peaches, The Presets, MIA, Mouse On Mars.. I could keep this list going. Frankly, I'm really enjoying the way this album plays. The waves of awesome and weird lap in their own times.

Low Leaf - GiGA GAiA EP