Kadasarva - Steamagination

Band / Artist: Kadasarva
Year: 2011
Genre: Psytrance, Goa, Techstep

My Review:
With a 9 track album running for 75 minutes, its safe to say that this artist is working to ensure that you have as much of an experience as possible, assuming you were getting his music via cd. I did not expect that I'd manage to find good psytrance ever again, after infected mushroom released their last album, and it was at that moment, that I find like 7 bands all working on their music and releasing loads of quality stuff for free.

Kadasarva is a "project" from Kiev, Ukraine that is essentially manned by Alex Volkov

Parts of Steamagination remind me of the tech days of Drum & Bass. I'd say that this is definitely more on the technical side than on the free-form end. It's got cold and rough-edged sound layered throughout, with some dark and subdued moments. It isn't all creepy though, it holds up other moments throughout. It was absolutely perfect music for doing chores or going for a jog. Very driven.

Kadasarva - Steamagination