The Queenstons - Figurehead Remastered

Band / Artist: The Queenstons
Year: 2011
Genre: Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electronica, Breakbeat, Jungle

My Review:
Ok, so the label is called Lapfox, or Lapfox Trax. And I guess its one guy (Renard Queenston) doing many different styles under different aliases? I don't really know. I couldn't give two shits though, because its some really decent music. He even made a little promo video for it coming out.

The first version of this album came out a few years ago, a drum & bass anthem album for the most part. Some very game-y sounding moments here and there. The Original was not available for free, but the remastered version, which sounds more clean and full, is. This has a pretty huge number of additional tracks, and it really pleased me to find it.

Fairly tuned voices, sound like they were recording on shitty mics but they did a very good job of masking it and presenting something that comes together as solid as a marble. A pretty professional sounding album that makes for a great listen,  especially if you like Dieselboy, BT, and AK1200, or Paul Oakenfold and DJ Keoki vocals. It feels like stepping back toward 2004 and getting a nostalgic look. There are definitely dubsteppy moments here and there, but they don't undermine the strength of this album overall.

I'd rank this at a rate high enough that it may be in my top 10 DnB albums now (yes I really do have more than that many, I really love techno). So give this a chance, and expect to see me sharing more from Lapfox in the future.

The Queenstons - Figurehead Remastered