Wiccans - Field II LP

Band / Artist: Wiccans
Year: 2012
Genre: Punk, Hardcore

My Review:
Hot DAMN, I was not expecting the balls on this one. Its MEAN, in a really good way. I saw the name Wiccans, and thought it'd be kind of a more mellow thing, but it is very strong hardcore punk with a taste of metal  and some old southerner rock in there.

A little about the band. They are a 5 member hardcore band out of Denton, Texas (near Dallas). They are using 3 labels; Hardware, Pass Judgement, and a new favorite, Kartoga Works. Here's their Facebook page.


It has moments that sound like the Blue Oyster Cult, and then a vocalist that makes me think of a young frontrunner to Fear Factory. All together, it makes for a nice, somewhat short, but overall very satisfying album to grab. Big thanks to Kartoga Works for being such a badass record label.

Wiccans - Field II LP

*Edit; Kartoga has their site down for some upgrades, so I redirected through to their release message on icoulddietomorrow, another music blog*