On An Ocean Amp - We Are Now Growing Fast

Band / Artist: On An Ocean Amp
Year: 2005
Genre: Electropop, Glitch, Electronica, Experimental, Powerpop, Electro, Synth-pop

My Review:
One day, back in 2003, I'm sitting in a bar watching a noise show and drinking with a girl I had a crush on, when this guy I had started to make friends with walks in with a cardboard box filled with cds under his arm. He's Dan. He started a record label, and some random band from japan had signed to release their first album with him. It was for sale at $10 apiece, and this was what it looked like.

On An Ocean Amp? What? Well, I wanted to support Dan, and I'm all about a random band with an interesting album cover. Its like an adventure in a disc, you never know if it'll be amazing, or shit.

So when I played it on the ride back home, I was completely unsure what I was listening to. Its like an experimental electropop band with a cutesy japanese girl voice over the whole thing. Its like childhood packaged into synths.

Years later in college I emailed their website (now defunct), and got an email back later in the day. The guy in the duo, Mike McGuire, was super friendly and we ended up chatting for a few years. He sent me this album before it was done, as well as his own solo album, which I hope I can post here later on.

Well the band broke up pretty much as this album was being finished up, and what he said was enough for a 2 disc album ended up as this, a great album of strange Japanese influenced IDM/Electropop with a very good spread of tunes. I wonder how he is doing, and if either he, or Kaori are doing any new music projects. Rest assured, I'll let you know the moment that I find out.

Here is a review for the album.


It links to the post from Mike here.


Here is a direct repackaging of the album in case the original fails. I fixed up all the ID3 tag info, and even made an unofficial cover since it never got an official one.

On An Ocean Amp - We Are Now Growing Fast

Alright, assuming I don't find any juicy tidbits in the next day or so, this should be the last transmission till the new year. See you on the other side.

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