LIL KIDS - Slow Rainbow

Band / Artist:
Year: 2012
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Soul-RnB, Bastard Pop, Alternative Hip-Hop, ?

My Review:
This is some odd, bastardy, nerdy, sarcastic alternative hiphop that came from Williamsburg, Virginia. The beatmaker goes by Lopato, and the MC, I never saw a specific name for. They've known each other since Middle school.

Its all kinds of easy listening, old funk, psychedelic rock, and old school hiphop blended into beats with a very "Laissez les bon temps roulez" sort of sound on one side, and a gritty, drunken, Don't-give-a-fuck sound on the other. The music isn't much about the self promotion, and it makes the MC look like a nerdyjerk, but in all the ways that your one total jerkface friend is fun to hang around.

If I could describe this music visually, it'd be like smeared, drippy, melty, moldy, rainbow sherbert colors with bits of dirt and glitter in it. Under a blacklight. The video does an alright job of describing it.

Apparently they have since moved to Brooklyn, where the MC complains about getting fat. I can't think of another hiphop set that sounds close enough to reference this, so watch the video, and if you like the music, you should give it a chance.

LIL KIDS - Slow Rainbow