Lastrapink - Portals

Band/Artist: Lastrapink
Year: 2009
Genre: IDM, Acid, Dubstep, Chillstep, Electro, Breaks

My Review:
This album is nice for all the reasons I love IDM. Its unnassuming, quirky, inventive, and humble in what it presents, a simple album for you to listen to and enjoy. No grandeur, no overcomplicating the beats. It brings a unique flavors and approaches to the fold, but you could just as easily ignore that and enjoy a simple jam session.

So just to give the in depth review of it, I'd say this. An album grabbing up the old flag of Acid IDM from the mid 00's (Such as some modern AFX albums) and blending it with the structural layout of more chill breakbeat tracks. The artists wasn't satisfied to leave it there, taking the chances with elements of dubstep, dub, drum n bass, more emotive ambient, and some tech house as a way to cohesively bring all of the album progressively along its path.

A good album to relate this to would be "Wicklow house" by Vertical67. I always feel like I'm referencing that one. Either way, give this one a listen.