-{:(.SINGLES.):}- Pete Lund, Banks, Wood Holly, kNIFE

Here's a nice lump of singles since it's been so long. I'm gonna have to get more of these out there.

Banks - Warm water (Deignated flip)
listen to that old 90s sampling! A pretty female voice, over a nice calm dancey track.

Pete Lund - Gypsy Cab
Indie, Rock, Alt Punk. It's 2 tracks, and its good punk.

Wood Holly - Sorry 4 the Wait Too
Trap, Bass, House. An odd, downtempo version of chopped & screwed remixes. 3 tracks.
Neat stuff. Its like Trip-hoppy Trap, Heh, Trip-Trap.

kNIFE - DieNasty
Rap. It's mean, with some nice beats running back behind it. I like those beats against that style of vocals.