Free Singles - Golden Gardens, Judda Vs Pig, Degeneración Debraye, Brutally Honest, Sockweb

Golden Gardens - Only the Lonely

My Review:
Dreampop, Shoegaze,.. Dreamgaze?

A long while ago, I made friends with a guy named Gregg in Tampa. He was friends with Dan, the one who I talked about in the On An Ocean Amp post. Gregg and I hung out whenever I was in town, and even had a few jam sessions. For a while we were working on some kind of harsh noise, ambient, and power electronic, and that kinda got left on the side while I was in college. He's since moved to Seattle, and started the Golden Gardens project, which I'm loving. Its soft, dreamy, droney stuff with just enough new wave and just enough gothy sensibility to make it great. Quoting the writeup on the track..     We Are Golden Gardens and We Love You. xx.

Judda - Bark & Omen (Pig Remixes)

These came from some old version of "The Swining", the blog run by Pig, or Raymond Watts. Its Industrial Rock.

I never listened to a whole lot of the Pig albums repeatedly, but mostly because I really loved "Wrecked" so much that it kinda covered for the rest. I caught these one day while working through a backlog of bloggy things, and thought that they would be perfect, since I don't often find a lot of free industrial to share. 

Degeneración Debraye - Body & Simphony (single mix)

This was a teaser release for the upcoming debut on the Engraved Ritual record label. Their facebook page is here.


Its mostly Aggrotech for the first half, then turns EBM with this entertaining baroque sounding synth playing. I chuckled the second it started up. Good track though

Brutally Honest - Deck of 54

A short, swift, jazzy hiphop track, the the creepiest fucking picture i could have imagined. Seriously. that thing makes me kind of uncomfortable, and it makes the song seem like it should be super dark, but it isnt at all.

Sadly, my intended share of Sockweb was paywalled before I could share it, but I'll link to it, because a six year old in a grindcore band is hilarious and awesome. Sockweb -  I want pancakes