Garren Epley - ...Ellipses EP

Band / Artist: Garren Epley

Year: 2012
Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop, Experimental, IDM, Lo-fi, Rap

My Review:
I'd call this Hip Hop, but its got the kind of feel that IDM had back in the days of “Braindance”. This feels like a stripped down version of Family Glue from Global Goon, with this humble Hip Hop style laid out and then added to with layers of sampling and warping. It has some really catchy moments, but i thought that the usage of the little digital track naming voice in each track was kind of throwing off my groove.

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Here's a copy of the album as found on Internet Archive
Garren Epley - "...Ellipses EP"
This one had a problem in the initial download, in that it was listed out of order, so I fixed it up and I'm sharing a repack of the tracks with the right labeling and all. You can get that here.

Garren Epley - ... (Repack)