MemCave - Color Fire

Band / Artist: MemCave
Year: 2014
Genre: Electronic, IDM, Chillstep, Breakbeat

My Review:
During a period where I was halfway involved with the blog, I got a message from Kansas City based producer and DJ Keith Rich, otherwise known as MemCave, who I have posted here before. He gave me a copy of a soon-to-be-released album, Color Fire. I wanted to post it, but with everything going on, I didn't get to it for so long, that I couldn't justify trying to post the link to download while he was selling the album on bandcamp.

So fast-forwarding to now, I was going back and revisiting artists, and saw that he released the album under a Name-your-price setting, and since it has been a number of years, I feel okay in sharing it with people.

I listened to this album in the car for a really long time, and I am glad to share it with people. I was really down on myself for not sharing it before when I had the chance, so I hope you all enjoy it. There are these great repeating beat sets, with all this lush flourishing warm noise surrounding it and emotional melodies.

I strongly encourage you to give this a listen. And if you see this MemCave, I'm glad I got to share this one for you finally.

MemCave - Color Fire