Turbo Suit - Out Here

Band / Artist: Turbo Suit
Year: 2015
Genre: Electro House, Jazz, Breaks, Breakbeats, Hip-Hop

My Review:
Formerly known as Cosby Sweater, but changing their name due to the current news, and probably because there is a good chance that using the Cosby name was gonna get them sued. I'm sad to see the name go away, because it was so awesome.

Anyway, they put out their announcement here.

This one is fun, flashes of hip-hop, funk, and some really pleasing electro and dubstep. Its faster, and cleaner than their past efforts, with a great, clean mixing. I am jamming to this one a LOT, I'd love to see them come out to play live at a party from around Mardi Gras time.

Alright. Favorite track; Wake Up

Turbo Suit - Out Here