Microbit Project - White Deaf Cat

Band / Artist: Microbit Project
Year: Recorded 2012, Released 2014
Genre: Ambient Techno, Lo-Fi, IDM

My Review:
A sweet, soft, Lo-Fi album of chiptuney IDM type stuff. it has a lot of synth Theramin sounds. Its very melodic, and leaves you in a peaceful place overall. The label released a long post with the album, so here it is.

Microbit Project is a music project by EugenKha.
One of the most creative melodic music producers among poets, and audio explores that puts Russia high up on the underground map of prettiness!

He debuts a very beautiful release on L0bit, delivering all round electronic sweetness. It's something that you will like when you are into good friendly vibes,  that put 'easy listening' way up to to the forefront.

an album about a pretty 'White Deaf Cat' celebrated with lovable melodies, petite cuteness and friendly vibes. Something so adorable that you might scratch your head how on earth this release could be delivered for free! But that was written in the will of the deaf white cat, that this music would be out there for everyone to enjoy, to be cherished and loved!

And for sure this release is all about love! every note you hear, perfectly captured in this ultra friendly sound. These cute music lines that makes you feel like stroking the soft fur of a white deaf cat. It's of grotesque beauty and yet so microscopic small that it will fit in your smallest pocket.

The release comes with two remixes for everyone who just can't get enough of this album! And L0bit assures you, you can't get enough of this album!
Alright, well, go enjoy.

Microbit Project - White Deaf Cat