Howler Toad - Lickin' The Toad

Band / Artist: Howler Toad
Year: 2009
Genre: Stoner Rock, Prog Rock, Rock

My Review:
You'd think that this was going to be something completely different than it is. My first thought was it would be some laid back, long form prog rock. It isn't, by any means. This album is very driven. Its got a hard rock punch to it, that I would easily see myself going pretty crazy at a concert with. Maybe even hitting up the mosh pit.

Howler Toad comes out of Barcelona, Spain, and they may have broken up. I can't find much information for them, and their myspace page is shut down. I am sure to keep an eye out for new albums from them, because this really is a good band, one that I would love to see touring.

Since I can't find any more details for them, I'll just leave it there.

Howler Toad - Lickin' The Toad