Quickie Mart - Gypsyphonic Disko with Ben Ellman

Band / Artist: Quickie Mart
Year: 2009
Genre: Balkan, Bounce, Hip-Hop, Mashup, Bastard Pop

 My Review:
I've been listening to stuff from quickie mart for a while now, and some other monikers of his. I first caught him in an interview where he was dissecting bounce, its influences, and its role in the future of music, for good or for ill.

He seems like a smart guy, and its interesting that his music of choice be bounce, which I can completely understand, because of what bounce is and represents. It's gritty, shitty, and it doesn't really care. Anyways, here's a comp album of mixtapes I guess, of some hip-hop, some bounce, some rap, and Balkan beats & gypsy music. It's dancey, raunchy, and just fun all the way through.

My mom even danced to it (not like that, sicko.) While we were cooking for thanksgiving meal.

So yeah, take that.

Quickie Mart - Gypsyphonic Disko with Ben Ellman