New Dehli FM - Daylight confusion

Band / Artist: New Delhi FM
Year: 2005
Genre:Illbient, IDM, Ambient, Chillout

My Review:
A great album of Illbient, a darker, more triphoppy ambient techno. If you put "Music is for children" (from Boards of Canada), and "i care because you do" (from Aphex Twin) in a mix with this, you'd hardly know which was which. I'm really enjoying it, though I feel like it needs more quirk in places to keep it from getting too vanilla.

 New Dehli FM is an artist from Stuttgart in 2001, made by Sandro Böge. He has some really interesting ideas on IDM and what it should represent. Apparently he has some really awesome live sets.

Here is his page

Enjoy the music.

New Dehli FM - Daylight Confusion