Sepalcure - Eternally Yrs

Band / Artist: Sepalcure
Year: 2013
Genre: Dub House, House, Footwork, Nu Disco, Chicago Juke

My Review:
I've been pretty hit or miss about noisetrade music in my life recently. It isn't that the music is bad, its just a lot of folk pop, and I get burned out on it.

This album is not that at all. In making an effort to find noisetrade albums that are indeed worthy of non-folk-pop attention, I found this thing. Sepulcure creates a soundscape that pulls from in rainbows era radiohead, dub house, and Indie dance. It reminded me a lot of Underworld in some parts, and flying lotus in others. The most of the album used these 2step mutations for a ton of the drumlines, which I found out is a Chicago based style of dance called Footwork or Chicago Juke. I'd call it a groove-laden, rich, chill album that plays with a plethora of references and tempos. Definitely something worth a moment of your time.

Here is the band website. They just released their debut LP.

... also they have the best interests listed
Band Interests -90s Diva House Vocals & Wooden Snares

When I was listening to it in the car, I was dancing in my car and a guy in a truck passed by and yelled to keep on grooving, and so, I did.

Sepalcure - Eternally Yrs