I Am The Cosmos - Monochrome


Band / Artist: I Am The Cosmos
Year: 2013
Genre: New Wave, Synthpop, Post-Punk Revival

My Review:

They come out of Dublin. They make some really pleasant Dreampop-like New Wave music. The references in their songs to various modern and postmodern artworks was nice for me, but a half decade of art school will do that to you.

There is a lot of information in the liner art for this release, discussing the artworks they reference, and coming off kind of like a little manifesto. Its pretty subdued music with a lot of ideas there if you're willing to look into it, but sounding great and flowy if you aren't looking for more than some calming tunes.

It definitely has a great sound to it, something I could imagine enjoying at my favorite gothish bars on a quiet patio or lounge space.

I Am The Cosmos - Monochrome