Dudley Whitemud - Dudley Whitemud Sings Selections From Aqua's Aquarium

Band / Artist: Dudley Whitemud
Year: 2012
Genre: Acoustic, Indie Folk, Alternative Pop

My Review:
An acoustic album... of Aqua covers. Yep. I played this for a friend that really likes folksy acoustic stuff, and she was really enjoying it without expecting what it was, until he said "I'm a barbie girl". She laughed, said "OHHHH", paused, and then said "This is pretty awesome though."

Thats a good sentiment for it. The same goofy subjects from that 90's goofball pop album, but taken to a different context, with a very pleasant outcome. The songs come off as sort of reverent in some ways, while working well as a fairly non-intrusive background music for when you really just need something playing, and you get the benefit of eliciting a chuckle from a friend who just happens to catch on to the lyrics.

Unfortunately I don't know a whole lot else about the guy/band. I looked for a while but I wasn't getting much more than a dead link to the record label that originally did the recording. Well, I did find SOMETHING, but I'm gonna be a dickish lad and not share it just yet. Don't fret though, you'll see what it is soon.

I did find the artist that made the cover though. Here's his blog.

So all in all, I rated this as one of my top 10 finds of last year, which sounds dumb as hell before you listen to it. Hopefully you agree that it was worth the listen. I like listening while I mow the neighbors lawn.

Dudley Whitemud - Dudley Whitemud Sings Selections From Aqua's Aquarium