50 Foot Wave - Superpack

Band / Artist: 50 Foot Wave
Year:2004, 2005, 2009, 2012
Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk

My Review:
They're Punk, they're Alt Rock, they're rough and tumble. With a female singer that defenitely rocks the mic, and a great backup behind her. They remind me of early smashing pumpkins, the nymphs, and a little bit of the casualties.

Apparently their name is a reference to both an illustration and the term for the 50-foot sound wave of the lowest F tone audible to the human ear. The singer is named Kristin Hersh, who played in Throwing Muses for 20+ years, along with the bassist, Bernard Georges. They picked up the drummer Rob Ahlers in 2003, and started working out a tour while making their first album.

By 2005, they released an LP, and kept on touring and releasing more. In 2009, they released all of their music for free, and THEY OPENLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO BURN COPIES. They want people all over the world to take copies of their music.

I've enjoyed one of their albums, Free Music!, since about 2007. Good music for the gym.

This band is giving away 6 albums. All in ONE download. I'd be lying if I said that wasn't an unbelievable number. They also have a section on Internet Archive dedicated to recordings of all of their live shows. Here's that link.


So I hope you dig the music. Feel free to give a copy to friends.

50 Foot Wave - 50FootWave, Free Music!, Golden Ocean, Power + Light, With Love From The Men's Room, Singles, and Instrumentals.