Bootie RIO - Ponderosa Mixtape

Band / Artist: Bootie RIO (Various artists)
Year: 2012
Genre: Mashup, Bastard Pop

My Review:

So first I'll just gloss over what a mashup is in case you've missed out. Take a handful of songs, and chop them up and blend them into one track. Some are just the vocal track from one song over the instrumental from another, some are remixeswith original material from the mashup artist, some are just insane layerings of 20 different songs that make something totally new.

This collection is a bunch of mashups out of souf amewica, this is just about the closest I ever get to listening to pop. Bootie has 3 different groups now that I know about, Rio, Germany, and the US. As with all of these, I listen through it, and decide which tracks I really want to keep, but if you’re ever throwing a party that will involve dancing, mashups are a perfect choice for the playlist.

Bootie RIO – Ponderosa Mixtape