Uncle Neptune - In a Perfect World

Band / Artist: Uncle Neptune
Year: 2003

My Review:
This is the bubbliest music I think I may have ever heard. This guy must be either really sad, or the happiest person you've ever met in your life. His name is Jamie Ward. He's talented, and interesting enough to take a good look at.

Here is his bandcamp and facebook pages,

Its listed as a genre called Tin Pan Alley. I have no idea what that means. It all sounds like pleasant little ditties with lots of acoustic guitar, that makes you kinda do that thing where you rock your feet on your heel to the beat of a song. It has a lot of finishing to it as well, for something that sounds so out of the norm.

...OH. Tin Pan Alley is some kind of old music genre from the late 1800s to early 1900s. It's really odd to hear at start, but is really good. lots of styles are being pulled together into this old-timey sound, that he seems to control very well. It also lends itself to his voice very well.

And thats not all. This album has a MASSIVE list of contributors. Seriously, here. Look at this.

Uncle Neptune - Vocals, Kazoo
Jeff Silver - Banjo, Ukelele, backup vocals, percussion
Jean Bean - Vocals, Backup vocals
Robbie Grunwald - Piano
Steve Mensher - Drums
Jonno Lightstone - Clarinet
Dave Lum - Tuba
Earl Lapierre - Steel drums
Brett Higgins - Bass
Rupert Price - Trombone
Josh Brown - Trombone
Mike Greco - Trumpet
Ari Dasgupta - Clarinet
Marc Silver - Piano
Moira Nelson - Harp, Vocals
Andy Frost - Lap steel

Anyway, if you have kids, this stuff would be great for them. If you dig it, you should backsearch, because there are 2 more albums from this guy on the same netlabel.

Uncle Neptune - In a Perfect World