Noizhartt - Age Of Apocalypse (Various Artist)

Band / Artist: Noizhartt, Fryquenciezz, Aurokarya, Dizmental, A.T.O.A.M., Plasmorh, Mimic Vat, Hypnotoad, Critical Freak, HyperBurst, Metaform, Moksa & Nibiru
Year: 2015
Genre: Hi-tech, Dark Psychedelic, Psytrance

My Review:
Its very fast. Its very warbly, and reverby. It's just what you want on headphones while you run and run and run, like you've never run in your life. Maybe you take a giant amount of mind altering chemicals and dance amidst blinky lights with like-minded strangers. maybe you play fast paced video games and this is just what you need. Either way, Its like I said, fast and trippy, and kinda mean.

Anyway, So the composer of the album is one of the musicians in the album itself, which sometimes i feel weird about, because that seems kinda self serving, and normally i dont find the artist that curated the album makes songs that work as well. In this case, it seems like a well fitting track to fit within the album itself.

Here is the artists facebook.
And their website. Go see them.

Alriight, well you should enjoy!

Noizehartt -  Age Of Apocalypse